Who should contact Innovaud ?

Any start-up, SME or multinational operating in the canton of Vaud or wishing to set up in Vaud can call on Innovaud for assistance in carrying out its innovative projects.  It does not matter whether or not the project is already implemented.  The only criteria are that it must be innovative and technology-driven.

Three innovation counselors who handle different specialty fields work with Innovaud to guide innovative projects and take into account the unique requirements of each one.

Is my project innovative?

For a project to be innovative, it should fulfill the following criteria:

• It creates new products or services to meet the needs of the market and thus brings the company a competitive advantage
• It improves a product by using a new material or a new process
• It establishes a completely new market opportunity
• It dramatically improve a business model for an existing product or service
• It optimizes production or distribution systems so that it fundamentally       changes the business model of the relevant field

Moreover, an innovative project is also characterized by its potential for growth and export, as well as by the risk level always associated with novelty.

Are you wondering about the innovative character of your project?  Then, without further delay, contact one of our innovation advisors!