Developing a business plan raises many issues, such as the best company structure to use, the best moment to move forward, and the best way to carry out the many concrete tasks of….starting up a start-up.

Some of the most common questions are:

site location: where is the best place to set up shop?
infrastructure: what kind of special equipment is required to develop the business?
financing: how best to find and secure money to fund start-up activities?
advice: where to find the necessary consulting resources to help the firm achieve its goals?

Innovaud provides support to a start-up, even prior to its on-site establishment.  Innovaud then accompanies the firm throughout its life cycle.

Through Innovaud, start-ups have access to:

• a network of experienced coaches
partners such as technology parks
• the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) and its new financing loans
• meetings with potential investors or existing businesses

Innovaud also enables companies to increase their visibility, including through company profiles and networking events.