Start-up > Coaching

Innovaud works with several different networks of experienced business coaches.  These innovation counselors first conduct a preliminary analysis, based on the field of activity and the needs of a start-up, to determine the type of support required, such as the:

• Development of a business plan
• Development of a marketing plan
• Definition of a sales strategy

The main support objective is to increase the innovation potential of start-ups and to provide appropriate links to the specialized skills and capacities of the institutes and universities in the canton.  Innovaud provides continual monitoring, generally at no cost to the recipient.

CTI Coaches

The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) encourages technological innovation by training future entrepreneurs in the knowledge and methods required to formulate and implement an original business idea.  After taking this first step, young entrepreneurs can claim the CTI start-up label and seek professional coaching from the CTI network.


platinn is a network of accredited business coaches who are specialized in supporting start-ups in both the technological and business innovation phases.  Coaches are involved in several areas: financial structure, sales strategy, and intellectual property are but a few examples.

Institutes and Universities

Institutes and universities in Vaud generally offer their own programs to promote technology transfer and market knowledge in the areas of innovative products and services.

These programs often combine initial start-up funding with coaching.  This is the case, for example, at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) through Innogrants.  The Vaud School of Business Management and Engineering (VD-HEIG) has recently launched a start-up grant.


Alliance is a national consortium funded by both the federal government and the French-speaking cantons to promote technological innovation.  It promotes collaboration projects between businesses and institutes/universities.


GENILEM supports innovative business creation in all areas.  It provides evaluations of new business projects as well as advice and assistance to start-ups.   Specialized training is also part of the service package, as well as three years of coaching following initial selection.

Specialists and partners

On demand and as required, it is possible to call in specialists from the Innovaud network who are experts in very specific areas of innovation. Innovaud partners such as regional economic development associations, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV), the Vaud Economic Development agency (DEV), and the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI) are resources that are readily available.


Innovaud seeks to encourage joint projects in the fields of innovation.  Toward this end, it connects start-ups with SMEs, large companies, and research institutes.  Once a partnership framework is established, specialists from the Innovaud partner network take over and follow the projects that develop from these joint efforts.