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It is always a tricky business for a company to raise funds.  In the case of start-ups, the problem is even more complicated because:

• start-ups are often not immediately profitable
• start-ups must maintain their funding and survive several years in order to develop their product
• start-ups usually cannot solicit prospective clients immediately

In areas of technological innovation, to develop a prototype or to conduct tests over several years often requires significant investments.  Following its initial successes, a start-up requires additional funds to ensure its growth and to access new markets.  It is difficult to find investors willing to engage in this sort of ‘early’ funding.

Through its network of financial partners, Innovaud provides you with information about the various financing options available to you.

Department of Economic Development and Trade (SPECO)

The Department of Economic Development and Trade (SPECO) of Vaud can provide direct financial support.  These SPECO grants are intended to support the creation, implementation and development of innovative companies in the canton of Vaud.

Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT)

The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) supports innovative projects with new technology.  It offers financial aid, provided that the project is technically and economically realistic, and that it will lead to the creation or further development of a business conducted in cooperation with Vaud’s universities or institutes of applied sciences.

FIT grantFIT seedFIT early
MontantCHF 100'000 par projet, sous forme de bourse à un porteur de projet dans une Haute École sise sur le territoire vaudois.CHF 100'000 par projet, à une entreprise.
Prêt sans inétrêt, avec garantie personnelle.
CHF 300'000 à 500'000 par projet, à une entreprise - prêt avec intérêt (5% de base +5% au remboursement), sans garantie personnelle.
Age de l'entrepriseAvant création de l'entreprise.0-12 mois environ (date RC).12-36 mois environ (date RC).
Objectifs de l'aideValidation d'un projet, au sein d'une Haute École, visant la création d'une entreprise.Prototypage et développement commercial du produit.Développement commercial en «matching» d'investisseurs privés.
Analyse et accompagnementCorrespondant dans Hautes Écoles.Entité de coaching (PSE et CTI).Entité de sélection (Défi Gestion).
Nombre de projets financésEnviron 5 par an.Environ 12 par an.Environ 4 par an.
Processus de décisionComité de sélection FIT (2x par an).Comité de sélection FIT (10x par an).Comité de sélection FIT (5x par an).
LocalisationLe bénéficiaire de la bourse doit travailler dans une des Hautes Écoles vaudoises accréditées par la FIT, à ce jour:
  • EPFL
L'entreprise doit être basée en Suisse romande.L'entreprise doit être basée dans le canton de Vaud.


The ‘platinn’ network offers a service of accredited coaches who are expert in seeking out project funding.  These coaches develop a strategic vision of the supported company and a comprehensive understanding of its particular needs.

Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI)

The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) is an organ of the Swiss federal government to promote innovation.  Through its program of CTI Invest, it supports startups in their search for funding and helps them in their contacts with professional investors.

Finance professionals

Innovaud maintains close relationships with networks of business angels, venture capitalists, corporate venture capital groups, banks and guarantee institutions.  It can put you in touch with all these various players.


There are many competitions, awards and programs that can help finance a business.  Innovaud suggests that you plan to participate in these events.