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You are in the business development stage?  You want to enjoy top-class facilities for your company but you don’t know where to find them?  Innovaud helps you locate the best site for your start-up, based on your specific needs and those of your industry.  This step is crucial, because choosing an appropriate location increases the chances of success for your start-up.  In this context, the seven technology parks operating in Vaud offer an ideal solution.  Along with their on-site incubators, they foster collaborative efforts with nearby universities and businesses and create an atmosphere conducive to new ideas.


An incubator is a dedicated zone reserved for start-ups for a limited time period. It gives them time to grow sufficiently until they become able to move into permanent premises.

Start-ups find what they need in incubators to help them successfully navigate through the various stages of business growth and development:

• premises at preferential rates
• specialists in business start-ups
• helpful administrative services
• proximity to other young businesses

These incubators are an integral part of the technology parks listed below.

Technology parks

Technology parks are designed to encourage synergies between innovative enterprises within a specific geographic area by pooling local infrastructure and technical skills.  They are thus an excellent springboard for innovative projects.

EPFL Innovation Park
EPFL Innovation Park is focused on the creation and expansion of hi-tech companies.  In the immediate vicinity of the joint campus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL--Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne) and the University of Lausanne, it aims to advance the development of emerging technology start-ups through its incubator, “The Garage.”

The Y-PARC in Yverdon-les-Bains is the largest technology park in Switzerland and the first to have emerged on the national scene.  It offers its occupants an advanced infrastructure as well as access to its incubator Y-START and to the Center for Technology Studies and Transfers (CETT) of the Vaud School of Business Management and Engineering.

Dedicated to life sciences, Biopôle lies just north of Lausanne, close to the University Hospital Center of Vaud (CHUV).  From the molecule to the incubator, from the emergence of small companies to major business, the continued growth and development of this biotechnology park invigorates the entire chain of value creation.

Located in the north of the canton of Vaud, TecOrbe meets the needs of start-ups and SMEs in the fields of environmental applications, sustainable development, and renewable energy.  It offers an incubator dedicated to the creation and development of new businesses.

Technology Park of Sainte-Croix
On a site with stunning vistas and approximately 10,000 square meters, the Technology Park of Sainte-Croix is the ideal place to set up companies engaged in micro-welding and related industrial techniques.

Ateliers of the City of Renens
Ateliers of the City of Renens aim to encourage the creation of new businesses in the fields of visual communications, graphic design, and architecture.  They are located near the Lausanne School of Art and Design (ECAL) and the EPFL + ECAL Lab, a unit of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in a partnership with ECAL that strives to stimulate innovation at the intersection between technology, design, and architecture.