Who should contact Innovaud ?

Innovaud is the first port of call for innovation in Vaud, providing free support to innovative start-ups, scale-ups and small and medium-sized businesses in the canton. Innovaud focuses on innovations in cutting-edge technology or new approaches.

Innovaud prioritizes support for businesses in the fields of life sciences, precision industry, cleantech, and information and communication technology (ITC). The support includes : financing, support, promotion, hosting, networking. Innovaud helps companies in the canton of Vaud (SA, Sàrl or subsidiary; the commercial register being a proof).

Is my project innovative?

For a project to be innovative, it should fulfill the following criteria:

• It creates new products or services to meet the needs of the market and thus brings the company a competitive advantage
• It improves a product by using a new material or a new process
• It establishes a completely new market opportunity
• It dramatically improves a business model for an existing product or service
• It optimizes production or distribution systems so that it fundamentally changes the business model of the relevant field

Moreover, an innovative project is also characterized by its potential for growth and export, as well as by the risk level always associated with novelty.

A multi-faceted ecosystem

What is the importance of innovation for the economy of the Lemanic region and the canton? The study "Vaud innove" addresses a theme related to Vaud's innovation in detail every week.

More information on www.vaudinnove.ch

Companies supported in 2018


Life Science




Precision Industry




International sports


Welcome to vaud.digital, the platform for the innovative players shaping Canton of Vaud’s digital landscape.

Launched in April 2018, vaud.digital is free and open to research institutes, large companies, SMEs and startups based in the Canton of Vaud.

vaud.digital's objective is to map the digital offer of the Canton of Vaud and develop new collaborations between the entities that are part of the portal. It is also a great tool for investors.


In 2016, Innovaud created the Scale Up Vaud certification to encourage and strengthen innovative high-growth businesses established in the canton of Vaud. These scale-ups need to create at least 20% more new jobs every year to benefit from the certification, and in return they can rely on support that is specifically adapted to this phase in their growth, regardless of their field of specialization.

Scale Up Vaud is designed to act as a catalyst for a dynamic and innovative economy in the canton. It enjoys the support of various partners including platinn, Alliance, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), and the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI).

Innovation Domains



Technology portal

The portal serves both as a meeting place and as a promotion tool for the companies, technologies and innovations based in the Canton of Vaud.

Success stories

Largo Films : l’intelligence artificielle au service du cinéma

Fondée en février 2018, Largo Films a pour objectif de mettre l’innovation technologique au service de l’industrie du cinéma. La start-up vaudoise a développé LargoAI, un puissant programme d'intelligence artificielle, piloté par les données, capables de comprendre les ingrédients d'un film et de prédire la réaction du public à chaque partie. L’outil peut être introduit très tôt dans la vie d'un film afin d’aider à l’améliorer, à chaque étape de son développement.

Tyre Recycling Solutions

Tyre Recycling Solutions transforms used tyres into a powder for multiple industrial applications. The Vaud-based company now exports its expertise to the Middle East, China and Eastern Europe.


Lunaphore has developed a device used to analyze and identify cancerous tissue in less than 15 minutes. The startup plans to market its technology to hospitals and research labs.