Innovaud's ambassadors are entrepreneurs, who Innovaud helped set up in the canton of Vaud. Now they help our agency promote the image and assets of our region to other entrepreneurs outside our frontiers.

Laurent Balmelli

Co-founder, CEO and Head of Product
Strong Network Inc.

Olga Dubey

AgroSustain SA

Nicolas Gex

VP Human Resources International
Accuray International Sàrl

Arman Gukasyan

Founder & CEO
Revizto SA

Tanya Jansen

Chief Marketing Officer
beqom SA

Vahagn Manukyan

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman
Laboratoire Naturel SA

Pascal Marmier

Secretary General, Economy of Trust Foundation SICPA

Yves Pache

General Manager
Amaggi SA

Nicolas Ristic

Region Europe Vice President, Head of Human Resources and Facilities
Incyte Biosciences International Sàrl

Ilya Volkov

CEO and co-founder
YouHodler SA

Manoj Thacker

Founder & CEO of DS Box