Five years of innovation in Vaud Canton!

Innovaud has been supporting innovation in Vaud Canton since 2013. We provide our services free of charge to pioneering start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs that are based in the canton and feature high-tech innovations and novel approaches. Here are some highlights and key figures.

Mme Amarelle Conseillère d'Etat (DFJC), R.Walbaum, M Leuba Conseiller d'Etat (DEIS), P.Barbey

Over the past five years, Innovaud has worked with 1,033 companies – half of which were SMEs – in the following fields: life sciences (33%), information and communication technologies (27%), precision equipment (14%) and cleantech (15%).
No fewer than 129 start-ups have been set up with Innovaud’s help. These companies have raised 1.2 billion francs in capital and have created some 330 jobs so far.

Innovaud helps companies access the financial support offered by the local economic promotion agency and serves as a point of entry for companies interested in applying for a grant or loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) ( In 2017 alone, FIT supported 28 projects with 5.9 million francs in loans and grants. And since 1994, FIT has provided a total of 36 million francs in loans and grants to innovative start-ups. It has also granted 211 loans to 179 innovative companies, 141 of which continue to operate today. These companies have created more than 1,300 jobs – and counting – in Switzerland.

Photo credit : Zuzanna Adamczewska-Bolle

In 2018, FIT and Innovaud launched the FIT Digital initiative. This program provides loans to entrepreneurs who are creating local digital start-ups that have an innovative business model, are difficult to imitate and offer strong growth potential. The program seeks to identify not only promising digital start-ups but also talented entrepreneurs who will drive job creation going forward. FIT Digital grants loans ranging from 20,000 to 200,000 francs, depending on the companies’ growth phase.

Also in 2018, Innovaud launched (, in conjunction with the Vaud cantonal authorities. This portal hosts a dynamic map of Vaud-based companies and laboratories that are driving digital innovations. It currently has 360 member companies, which employ 18 different digital technologies and are active in 26 industries.

In 2016, as part of its mission to promote and support innovative and job-creating companies in Vaud Canton, Innovaud launched Scale Up Vaud. While investments in start-ups tend to focus on the seed phase, companies that have moved past this phase have other needs as they face various challenges on their path to growth. The Scale Up Vaud program therefore offers support tailored specifically to young but growing companies. Innovaud has awarded the Scale Up Vaud label to 25 companies since the initiative began. These scale-ups have created 1,370 jobs so far, including 1,031 in Switzerland.