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Membrasenz wins the PERL Trophy 2020

Membrasenz was awarded the Lausanne Region Trophy endowed with CHF 50'000 at the end of the PERL ceremony organised on social networks from 22 to 25 June. The startup's project enables the production of hydrogen with zero CO2 emissions. The other prizes went to three other startups. The Public Prize will be awarded on June 27 by Internet users.


The weight of COvid-19 on the Vaud economy

n the space of a few months, the coronavirus pandemic managed to sweep away all economic forecasts and brought economies around the world to their knees. After the health arm wrestling, the economic arm wrestling has begun. The economic recession is already evident. In April, exports fell by 29% compared to the previous year. From March to May, 5,000 people were unemployed. Find out more about the economic situation in the Vaud economy,


Incyte inaugurates its new European headquarters in Morges, Switzerland

Supported by Innovaud for the installation of its production site and its European headquarters in the region, Incyte announced last night the opening of its new European headquarters in the heart of the historic city of Morges (news in French).


New partnership to tackle milk fraud

Digi.Bio and SwissDeCode are joining forces to accelerate the automated detection of milk fraud.
The product of this partnership, funded by the EUREKA-Eurostars program, is a platform with an integrated hardware device and embedded software that allows milk validation analysis to be performed autonomously at the point of need, delivering certified results without requiring technical personnel.


The Prix Vigier 2020 rewards a Vaud company

The Vaud-based company EH Group Engineering is one of the winners of the Prix Vigier 2020. The winners, four out of five of whom are active in cleantech, each receive CHF 100,000. The de Vigier Foundation stated in a press release that the winners were chosen from among 192 projects. EH Group Engineering has developed an innovative fuel cell technology that makes it possible to exploit the power of hydrogen reliably, compactly and at low cost.


Video, Live Talk Alp ICT & Innovaud | Resumption of activities - New digital realities

Watch the video sharing experiences with Jean-Michel Chardon, Head of AI (CTO Office) & Site Leader of Logitech during the Live Talk on June 25, 2020!


BIC and Iprova launch invention lab

BIC, a world leader in stationery, lighters, and shavers, is partnering with technology company Iprova to launch the BIC-Iprova Invention Lab to enhance BIC’s Innovation and Research & Development (R&D) capability.


Four Vaud startups hold the Solar Impulse label

Every month, the Solar Impulse Foundation, founded by Bertrand Piccard, moves closer to its mission of awarding the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label to 1,000 environmentally friendly and profitable solutions. After Depsys and Twingtec, four new start-ups from Vaud have joined the portfolio, which already includes more than 500 solutions that have received the Label: CompPair, SmartHelio, Solar SeaCleaner and Zaphiro.


Abionic’s sepsis test supports the fight against COVID-19

When the pandemic hit, the Waldensian society decided to change its priorities and activities to support the fight against the new coronavirus and save lives. Some studies show that a majority of deaths related to COVID-19 are due to septic complications. Abionic's solution facilitates the diagnosis of sepsis up to 72 hours before traditional methods. This time-saving test allows medical personnel to implement the appropriate treatment and save lives.