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“The learning is real and from real experiences”

Franck-Eric Flegbo is the CEO of the Vaud-based startup Drinkotec. He participated in the 2022 edition of the LeadiNNg to Scale Up program and learned how to scale his company with best-in-class IMD professors. The applications for the 2023 edition of the program are open until 5 October. Franck-Eric gave us his feedback on what benefits the course brought him and his team, and how it impacted his company growth.


Pour une jeune entreprise, la croissance reste le défi ultime

"A startup is a temporary organisation designed to seek a repeatable and scalable business model." The definition comes from Steve Blank, the great Californian expert on startups. And the transition from temporary organisation to permanent structure is undoubtedly the most difficult stage in an already perilous process. After creating a company, you have to confront your ideas with the harsh realities of the market and with that anglicism that has become the Holy Grail: scaleability. (Article in French)


Mirrakoi: 3D printing for surgical planning

Mirrakoi is committed to democratize personalized medicine through 3D printing for surgical planning in the orthopedics field and craniomaxillofacial surgery. We interviewed Mirrakoi’s founder and EPFL Alumnus Pablo Garcia-Amorena at the Startup Champions Seed Night 2022. He told us about Mirrakoi and its recent successes as well as the advantages of being based in Vaud to launch a life sciences company.


"Swiss startups need to internationalize and get global quickly"

Venturelab designs and operates flagship startup programs in Switzerland such as Venture Kick, Venture Leaders or the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award, to support the best entrepreneurial talents. Venturelab interviewed our CEO Patrick Barbey about the Swiss startup scene and Innovaud's support to innovative companies. In the past ten years, our agency has witnessed the creation of many of the Swiss startups and scale-ups, that are in the spotlight today.


Brilliant 3D effects

Ranked 5th in the TOP 100 Swiss best startups 2022, the Vaud-based company Creal is about to enter the market for customers in Asia and Europe.


Limula set to make personalized cancer treatments accessible to more patients

Today there’s a powerful new weapon in the fight against cancer: cell and gene therapy (CGT). This method – a form of personalized cancer treatment – entails collecting a patient’s own immune cells, “boosting” them outside the body, and then reinjecting them so they can destroy the tumor. CGT has proven to be highly effective and can save the lives of people with no other treatment option. The catch is, cell and gene therapies are very expensive. They require specialized facilities with clean rooms and a slew of ultra-high-tech equipment. The cost of a single cycle of CGT can run into the hundreds of thousands of euros – putting it out of reach of many patients who need it.


TOP 100 2022 features 18 startups founded by EPFL alumni

Among the TOP 100 best Swiss startups unveiled on 7 September in Schlieren (ZH), 18 young companies were founded by EPFL alumni and alumnae and 7 others have a close link with EPFL. The companies are active in various fields and confirm EPFL's expertise in training talented entrepreneurs in cleantech, life sciences, engineering and ICT. In addition, CREAL (picture), Bloom Biorenewables and Daphne Technology rank in the TOP 10.


25 FIT Alumni in the TOP100 2022

Each year, the TOP100 Swiss start-ups list the 100 most promising start-ups in our country. This year, 25 FIT-supported start-ups made it into the ranking.


26 Vaud-based startups in the TOP 100 2022

The TOP 100 of the best Swiss startups was unveiled on 7 September in Schlieren (ZH). Twenty-six of these young companies are located in Vaud: 10 of them are entering the ranking for the first time, and CREAL, HAYA Therapeutics and Daphne Technology have made it into the TOP 10. The canton of Vaud thus retains its position as a home for promising young technology companies capable of becoming the next scale-ups and success stories in Switzerland.