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Alithea Genomics gets CHF 500,000 from FIT

The EPFL spin-off is active in high-throughput RNA sequencing, used to examine gene expression and discover new biomarkers and drugs. The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) has chosen to support Alithea with a Tech Growth loan of CHF 500,000 to bring two new products to the market.


SWISSto12, connecting a safer world through space

SWISSto12 is Switzerland’s fastest-growing aerospace company, shaping the next chapter of the space and satellite industry from its headquarters in the canton of Vaud.


New strategic investor for Flyability

Chevron is joining the ranks of Flyability strategic investors, along Cargill and Dow. The American oil and gas giant works since 2016 with the Swiss Startup. The new investment is an extension of the C Series Round of CHF 15M announced last year.


Astrocast participates in EU funded XGain initiative and enables Croatian aquaculture project

Vaud-based scale-up Astrocast, a leading global Satellite IoT network operator, will be participating in the European Union (EU) funded XGain initiative. Its Satellite IoT (SatIoT) technology and network will be deployed within an aquaculture project in Dalatia, Croatia to monitor water quality within remote oyster farms.


SyNNergy: "Smart Building" call for projects

Big data, IoT, intelligent systems: new technologies are transforming the real estate and construction industries. Faced with these new opportunities, inter-company collaboration is a factor in accelerating change. In 2023, the SyNNergy program will support innovative digital collaborative projects on the theme of smart building. The program provides funding for part of the project costs (working hours, equipment, etc.) and free support from a coach.


Thirteen high-growth companies join Scale Up Vaud in 2023

Thirteen high-tech companies have joined the Scale Up Vaud program this year: Aequivalent, Bloom Biorenewables, ClearSpace, CREAL, CYSEC, Daphne Technology, INPHER, Insolight, Samantree Medical, Sensile Technologies, Smeetz, Swibeco and A total of 50 Vaud-based firms are now part of the program, and together they raised more than CHF 525 million in capital in 2022. Since they were founded, they’ve created nearly 3,500 jobs in Switzerland and some 4,900 jobs globally.


A new head for Canton Vaud's Department for Economic Promotion and Innovation

The State Council has appointed Raphaël Conz as the head the Department for the Promotion of the Economy and Innovation of our region. He will take up his post on 1 April 2023.


Destinus and the Municipality of Payerne enter into a partnership for the creation of a test site

The municipality of Payerne and Destinus, a company based at swiss aeropole since 2021, have signed an agreement to create an equipped and secure site for testing propulsion systems using hydrogen as a fuel, as well as other innovative technologies. Destinus is now the third largest employer among the companies located at swiss aeropole.


ChatGPT agrees that Vaud is a great place to develop your business

Would you ask your computer to write your company’s next press release or product description? Since its public launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has stirred the debate over the pluses and minuses of artificial intelligence. The chatbot, created by OpenAI, is startlingly effective at simulating human conversation and producing human-like text in response to a prompt. It already has millions of users and countless applications. It also has some drawbacks – such as factual uncertainty and plagiarism potential – and it raises serious legal questions. What’s undeniable, however, is ChatGPT’s disruptive nature. Keep your eye on this technology!