CREAL: Immersion nausea-free

CREAL’s new technology for augmented and virtual reality allows a more realistic world to emerge. The Vaud based startup is Switzerland's 9th best young technological company.

I mmersion in a virtual world can make one feel very nauseous. The glasses, which enable the augmented and virtual reality experience, are to blame. To create a 3D effect, two 2D images are superimposed on top of each other. However, EPFL spinoff CREAL takes a completely different path. It has developed a technology in which images are projected similar to a hologram. This provides lighting effects and high-resolution depth that until now has not existed in the virtual world – and this patented invention helps to cure the feeling of nausea. “Our light field technology,” explains co-founder and CEO Tomas Sluka, “produces a more realistic effect than any other system.” After the Venture Leaders Technology investor roadshow to Silicon Valley, venture capital and private investors injected CHF 4.3 million at the end of last year along with CHF 2.5 million in EU support. It will take about two years before intelligent glasses with CREAL technology are ready for the mass market, but the start-up is working closely with headset manufacturers – and with competing manufacturers. “Exclusive contracts are out of the question for us,” emphasises Sluka. “We are keeping all doors open.”

CREAL, Ecublens VD / Sector: ICT, Engineering

Founded: 2017 / Employees: 14

(Source: TOP 100 magazine "Startup")

Co-founder and CEO Tomas Sluka