Gamaya: Sustainable growth

The intelligent system enables precise weed control on large vegetable plantations and soon also in viticulture.

New CEO, new investor, new business field: in the last 12 months, agrotech start-up Gamaya has not stood still. The aim of the EPFL spin-off is more sustainable agriculture. Its self-learning technology locates and detects weeds, which enables it to be controlled very precisely; for example, in Brazilian soybean fields or sugarcane plantations. Thanks to the agronomic intelligence platform from Morges, yields can be increased since the drone recognises gaps in the planting at an early stage and later determines the optimal harvest time. The number of large farmers who use Gamaya’s products is still manageable, but new CEO Mathieu Hagen says: “The growth phase has started; our sales will increase in 2021.” The small company relies on important sales partners. In Brazil, Gamaya works with Syngenta and in India with the car group Mahindra & Mahindra, which also builds tractors and agricultural machinery. Incidentally, this company was the lead investor in Gamaya’s financing last round – and it is helping the start-up to expand its field to include potato crops. A product for viticulture is also in the pipeline.

Gamaya, Morges VD

Sector: Drones

Founded: 2015 / Employees: 35

7th best Swiss startup in the TOP 100 2020 ranking

(Source: TOP 100 magazine "Startup")



Gamaya CEO Mathieu Hagen