Insolight: Super solar panels

Insolight is part of the ambitious consortium Hiperion, in which
the European Union invested 10 million euros. The Vaud based startups is Switzerland's 10th best startup in 2020.

Insolight is breaking all records. Until now, industrially produced solar panels have had an efficiency rating between 17% to 19%. The start-up, based in the EPFL Innovation Park, has raised this standard to 29%. This increase is thanks to a completely new technology: a system of lenses bundles sunlight and focuses it on many small spots. The optimum efficiency dramatically decreases the cost of space grade photovoltaics, enabling use in a consumer product. A pilot system is currently being tested by potential customers under real conditions. According to Insolight co-founder and CEO Laurent Coulot, production should start on a large scale at established manufacturers by 2022. In China? No, in Europe, says Coulot: “We have the necessary ecosystem here to launch the production of solar panels.” The EU believes so too: it has awarded more than EUR 10 million to a project called Hiperion, established by a consortium of industrial partners which aims to scale up the manufacture of Insolight modules. Insolight is of course part of this consortium and Coulot describes its role: “We concentrate on research, development, design and marketing.”

Insolight, Ecublens VD / Sector: Cleantech

Founded: 2015 / Employees: 16

(Source: TOP 100 magazine "Startup")

Co-founders (from left) Mathieu Ackermann, Laurent Coulot and Florian Gerlich