Interview with Fabio Ronga, CEO of beqom

beqom is one of the Vaud companies that has worked with the students of EPFL's EMBA program, thanks to the fruitful collaboration of its organizers and Innovaud. We spoke with beqom's CEO Fabio Ronga about why he decided to take part in the program and what he and his company got out of it.

What did the EMBA project bring to you personally and to beqom?

For me personally, it was great working with such interesting people, from organizations and backgrounds that I might not have been in touch with otherwise. The fresh perspectives they brought in were extremely valuable. Regarding beqom, I was impressed with how actionable the participants’ work was. We came away with data and deliverables that make our positioning clearer. As a result of their findings, we are totally revisiting how we present our solution to potential new customers.

What concrete impact did the participants’ work have on your business?

They helped us put a dollar amount on the value that our HR management software can bring to a company, beyond the evident cost savings relative to other enterprise applications. Our solution gives companies a tool for making sure their employees are happy, which obviously improves productivity and has tangible benefits – but how can we quantify that? The EMBA participants found a way, based on hard numbers rather than abstract concepts. That was exactly what we were looking for. And we were able to act on their findings immediately – something that’s much appreciated in a fast-moving industry like ours.

What impression did you get of the EPFL EMBA program and of Innovaud’s role as coordinator?

The quality of EPFL’s EMBA program is why I decided to take part in the first place. People who are accepted into the program bring a wealth of experience and knowledge. They generally also have a technical background or acquire technical skills during the EMBA, which means they know how to analyze problems and come up with practical solutions. In terms of Innovaud’s role as the enabler, it was crucial. Without their Scale-Up program and the resulting network, a lot of companies would have missed out on this opportunity to work with bright professionals. And a lot of professionals would have missed out on this opportunity to create value for businesses right here at home.

Is this something you would do again?

Definitely, no doubt about it.

About beqom

beqom has developed a suite of HR management software that helps companies make sure their staff are motivated, happy, and compensated appropriately. Founded in Nyon in 2009, the firm today qualifies as a Vaud Scale-Up – a promising young business with annual revenue or job growth of at least 20%.

"How can we quantify the financial  benefits of a HR management solution which increases the employees' happiness?" That's the highly interested challenge we took up. We had the great pleasure to collaborate with beqom's passionate people. We could then put into perspective the knowledge and skills gained throughout the EPFL EMBA program. We are looking forward to seeing how beqom is revisiting their approach on how to find new potential customers, as a results of our findings."

Anne Ong-Vidal, Yuliya Blaser and Fritz Fohouo, the EPFL EMBA students who worked with beqom.