45 companies have been awarded the Scale-Up Vaud 2024 label

Innovaud announces the list of 45 scale-ups, including 9 new companies, which have been awarded the Scale-Up Vaud 2024 label. All these Vaud-based companies have created more than 6700 jobs in Switzerland and around the world. Presentation of statistics as well as the new scale-ups.

This Tuesday, February 27, 45 companies were awarded the Scale-Up Vaud 2024 label by Innovaud. An interesting figure that proves the attractiveness of the canton of Vaud as well as the dynamism of its scale-up community. 

Good indicators in 2023 

Vaud-based scale-ups raised over 500 million in 2023 and 4 of them had an exit. A fact that reflects the good economic health of the canton of Vaud and indicates to investors that it is a good place to grow a company. Indeed, this figure is positive as Patrick Barbey, Director of Innovaud explains: "The acquisitions made in 2023 affected between 500 and 1000 jobs in the canton of Vaud." He added: "For most of the positions concerned, it is good news with a buyer who brings a certain stability as it is the case for Lunaphore whose workforce has increased from 140 to 160 people." 

9 new companies get the 2024 label 

To be eligible for the Scale-Up Vaud label, a company must meet various criteria, including an annual growth of at least 20% in its workforce or turnover over the past three years and have at least 10 employees at the start of the count. 

This status confirms the positive evolution of a company as explained by David Baur, CEO of Aeler: "Receiving the Scale-Up Vaud 2024 label is a great honor and an important step for AELER. This recognition reflects our growth and innovation and reflects the dynamic entrepreneurial atmosphere that prevails in the canton of Vaud." 

The 2024 cohort has generated 6726 jobs worldwide since their respective creation, including 2855 in Switzerland. 9 new scale-ups are added to the community. "This year, it is the first time that we have a scale-up - Domo Health - which had the label in the past, lost it due to a decrease in growth and which obtains it again in 2024. This is very encouraging for the 2023 scale-ups which experienced a slowdown due to economic conditions and lost the label, it is probably just a phase. This is also proven: the best indicator to become a scale-up is to have been one in the past" comments Charlotte Ducrot, co-responsible for the Scale-Up Vaud community. 

Scale Up Vaud, a unique network 

The Scale Up Vaud community consists of CEOs, HR managers, CFOs, and CTOs of these 45 scale-ups and scale-up alumni, and currently has more than 160 members. The objective is to connect these different executives so that they can exchange their experience of managing a technology company going through a steady growth and learn from one another. There are over thirty events a year facilitated by Charlotte Ducrot and Caroline Schwarz, responsible for the Scale-Up Vaud community. 

"Convinced that sharing experience is one of the keys to success, we look forward to exchanging with other growing Vaud-based companies to prepare the future of Tipee," says Jean-Marc Fillistorf, CEO of Tipee SA. 

A feeling shared by David Baur, CEO of Aeler: "Being part of this dynamic community will allow us to forge links, share experiences, and create synergies that will propel us further. We are delighted to contribute to this flourishing ecosystem and to benefit from it, thereby strengthening the economic and innovative strength of the canton." 

The 9 new Vaudois scale-ups at a glance 

AELER Technologies: AELER has designed and manufactured a next-generation shipping container called Unit One, using composites instead of steel for increased strength and insulation, and integrated with a real-time monitoring system and IoT technology. 

domo.health: domo.health offers a unique approach to digital health, by improving patient quality of life, optimizing resources, and accelerating new discoveries. Its AI-based platform empowers both individuals and health professionals, fostering collaboration and innovation.

EH Group: EH Group's unique fuel cell technology focuses on decarbonizing heavy-duty mobility (marine, mining, aviation, etc.) and large stationary power. 

Flybotix: Flybotix develops a drone solution with advanced software to visually inspect, digitize, and analyze confined space data without human intervention. Its patented technology doubles flight time. 

Neural Concept: Neural Concept provides a leading end-to-end platform, the Engineering Intelligence studio, which places AI at the center of the product development process. Its flagship technology, Neural Concept Shape (NCS), exploits the computational power of deep learning to assist world class engineering teams reduce development times by up to 75%, improve product characteristics including efficiency, safety, speed, and aerodynamics by up to 30%, and empower engineers to 10x accelerate their work.. 

RigiTech: RigiTech specializes in integrated drone delivery systems, with network-centric drones and RigiCloud software for scalability. With BVLOS approvals on 5 continents, RigiTech globally delivers essential goods, prioritizing healthcare, offshore, and postal markets. 

Tipee SA: Tipee develops applications that foster a seamless connection between individuals and the organization. Committed to minimizing their environmental footprint, tipee strives for a sustainable economic model, with all their activities localized exclusively in Switzerland, while prioritizing the well-being of their employees and the surrounding community. 

Tayo SA: Tayo improves the day-to-day operations of property managers, tenants, owners, and service providers through the automation of low-value-added tasks and a 24/7 platform that facilitates fluid interactions. 

Wiz-Team SA: Wiz-Team offers comprehensive event management solutions that integrate powerful event technology, dedicated event professionals, and innovative insights from our community to facilitate the evolution and optimization of event delivery.