solutions to fight coronavirus

The Vaud based (Switzerland) companies that could help tackle the crisis

Many Vaud based (Switzerland) companies develop solutions to deal with the coronavirus crisis. Check them out below. Is your startup or SME developing an innovative product or service capable of directly and concretely helping businesses, private individuals or healthcare professionals to cope with the current situation? Submit your technology to us by email.

  • Abionic – diagnostic test for sepsis, which affects many patients with coronavirus
  • CleanMotion – the self-disinfecting door handle
  • Deeplink  – chatbot : Deeplink has deployed a chatbot for the Geneva Department of Economic Development in connection with the coronavirus
  • Helvitek Labs – anti-pollution masks, which can be used in addition to traditional protective masks. Read our portrait article of Helvitek here
  • Que dit le pédiatre - online pediatrician consultation
  • Regen Lab - "Passive Antibody Therapy": rapid preparation of convalescent patients' plasma for the treatment and immunity against  coronavirus 
  • SA  – immediate and free online medical consultation, leading to telephone assistance by experienced doctors practicing in Switzerland
  • SwissDeCode – DNA-based detection of viruses or pathogens in food
  • Swoxid - Reusable masks to fight coronavirus. Read our article about Swoxid
  • Technis – Technis' smart flooring technology allows people to be counted in several places, for example in supermarkets or places outside confinement

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