Registration deadline : 1/6/2020

De Vigier Award

De Vigier Award is evaluating :
- Founder and entrepreneur profile
- Innovative character
- Overall relevance in society; the degree to which it satisfies an existing need
- Feasibility of the project’s realisation from a technical and financial standpoint
- Chances of success on the market
- Size of the potential market
- Number of jobs created
- Market competitiveness


Registration deadline : 1/8/2020

Entreprendre Région Lausanne Award (PERL)

The Prix Entreprendre Lausanne Région (PERL) has become over the years very important to support companies established in Lausanne and its region. The competition contributes to creating and maintaning jobs in the Lausanne region.


Registration deadline : 1/12/2020

Venture Leaders Technology Silicon Valley

The Venture Leaders Technology program brings startups to the Silicon Valley and they have the chance to pitch in front of the best international investors and VCs.


Registration deadline : 2/10/2020

Startup Champions Seed Night 2020

The Startup Champions Seed Night is a flagship event bringing together the most promising entrepreneurs from the EPFL community, angel investors, mentors and industry leaders for an audience of 250+ people. This year's edition will take place on March 31st from 17:00 to 21:00 at the Forum Rolex, EPFL. This event is a unique opportunity for early-stage startups to gain visibility.


Registration deadline : 3/8/2020

Venture Leaders Life Science

The Venture Leaders Life Sciences program brings Biotech or Medtech startups to Boston for an intensive one-week investor roadshow.


Registration deadline : 3/12/2020

Venture Leaders China

The Venture Leaders China program brings start-ups to Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong to pitch in front of Chinese investors.


Registration deadline : 6/9/2020

Venture Leaders Fintech

Every year venturelab selects the 10 best Swiss Fintech startups for an intensive investor roadshow in New York or in Hong Kong, two of the most important fintech hubs in the world.