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Applied Machine Learning Days

Five days of talks, tutorials & workshops on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with top speakers from around the world. A networking cocktail, organised by the DEV and Innovaud, will take place on Tuesday 28th of January in Lausanne between 6 and 8 pm - on invitation only. For more information (limited places) :
Call for startups to meet their next hire, client or investor at AMLD 2020 (50 startups will be selected) ! More information on AMLD website.

Swiss Tech Convention Center (EPFL)


Startupticker Brunch

The event, organised by Innovaud, FIT, Biopôle and Startupticker will focus on the presentation of the Swiss Venture Capital Report with analyses of investments in Swiss start-ups in 2019. In addition, several support organisations will present themselves and two start-ups will pitch.



Innovation : from Space to Earth

The HEIG-VD and Payerne Swiss Aeropole inaugurate their collaboration with Innovaud's support. Come and discover the technologies and advanced services for innovative companies in aerospace.

Swiss aeropole, Aeropole 132, 1530 Payerne


mAm 2020

Following in the success of the editions of an entire decade, The Micronarc Alpine Meeting will continue its focus on equipment and innovative processes and technologies for manufacturing microproducts. This 2 day conference is a proven venue for stimulating quality networking and discussions in the casual atmosphere of Villars. A selection of invited speakers and presentations will comprise the program.

Eurotel Victoria, Villars

Free tickets for PME & Startups


FORWARD 2020 : Ma PME dans cinq ans

Avec près de 1000 participants lors des deux premières éditions, FORWARD a confirmé son succès donne rendez-vous en mars 2020 pour la 3e édition de cet événement, consacrée au thème :
Ma PME dans 5 ans - Les nouvelles dimensions de l'innovation. Près de 60 orateurs animeront ce rendez-vous annuel des PME et des partenaires d'innovation.

SwissTech Convention Center EPFL, Lausanne

Free tickets for PME & Startups


Engineering Industry Day

Innovation is one of the basic missions of EPFL and of primary importance to the School of Engineering (STI). After 3 successful editions and growing number of attendees (over 600 in 2019), we organise the 4th edition on Wednesday March 25, 2020. The Industry Day offers different opportunities to companies, research laboratories of EPFL, as well as Master and PhD students.

Swisstech Convention Center, EPFL


Salon des Technologies et de l'Innovation 2020

The Salon des Technologies et de l'Innovation de Lausanne is a 3'700 m2 event tailored for exhibitors, students and whoever takes interest in the new and upcoming technologies. The EPFL and La Journée de l'Industrie teamed up for this 6th edition, scheduling the two events one after the other and in the same place.

SwissTech Convention Center


Startup Champions Seed Night

The Startup Champions Seed Night is an annual startup presentation event bringing together the most promising entrepreneurs from EPFL and beyond, angel investors, mentors, industry leaders and scientists for an audience of 250+ people. The objective of the event is to showcase fast-growing entrepreneurial projects to the community and educate the audience about seed investment. If you want to attend the event, please email Nicolas Briner. More information to follow.

More info to come