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The Investor's Battle

Come get the insider scoop of what investors look for in startups!
In a panel discussion consisting of various investors profiles (as Business Angels, Family Offices, Venture Capitalists, or private and public funds), get to meet them and understand their investment philosophy, sweet spots, and tips of do’s & don’ts.



FORWARD 2020 : Ma PME dans cinq ans

Avec près de 1000 participants lors des deux premières éditions, FORWARD a confirmé son succès donne rendez-vous en mars 2020 pour la 3e édition de cet événement, consacrée au thème :
Ma PME dans 5 ans - Les nouvelles dimensions de l'innovation. Près de 60 orateurs animeront ce rendez-vous annuel des PME et des partenaires d'innovation.

SwissTech Convention Center EPFL, Lausanne

Free tickets for PME & Startups


Les Petits Déj'

The 2nd edition of Petits Déjeuners des PME & Start-Up will collectively be organized by CVCI and EPFL on the following theme "Opérer un changement radical de stratégie : comment réussir son pivot ?l".

CVCI, Lausanne


Engineering Industry Day

Innovation is one of the basic missions of EPFL and of primary importance to the School of Engineering (STI). After 3 successful editions and growing number of attendees (over 600 in 2019), we organise the 4th edition on Wednesday March 25, 2020. The Industry Day offers different opportunities to companies, research laboratories of EPFL, as well as Master and PhD students.

Swisstech Convention Center, EPFL


Salon des Technologies et de l'Innovation 2020

The Salon des Technologies et de l'Innovation de Lausanne is a 3'700 m2 event tailored for exhibitors, students and whoever takes interest in the new and upcoming technologies. The EPFL and La Journée de l'Industrie teamed up for this 6th edition, scheduling the two events one after the other and in the same place.

SwissTech Convention Center


Tech Tour Growth 2020

The 7th edition of the Tech Tour Growth will take place on 26-27 March, 2020 in Geneva & Lausanne bringing together 70+ of Europe's boldest CEOs - the entrepreneurs with the vision and drive to build game changing businesses.

STCC, Lausanne


EPFL Startup Champions Seed Night 2020

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to give visibility to your project? The Startup Champions Seed Night brings together every year an audience composed of innovation enthusiasts, investors, alumni and more broadly the entire EPFL ecosystem. Registrations for startups who wish to pitches during the event are now open.

Rolex Learning Center, EPFL

Free tickets for PME & Startups


Seedstars Global Summit 2020

Attend the last stage of the largest competition of entrepreneurs from emerging countries. Discover the most promising startups from Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, as well as the latest technology trends in these regions. The Seedstars Global Summit is also a unique opportunity to access an international network.


Free tickets for PME & Startups


Swiss Medtech Day

The annual Swiss medtech day brings together various payers in the medical technology industry to discover and discuss new trends in the industry. A wide range of activities including poster sessions, award ceremony and networking awaits the visitors.

Kuursal, Bern