Innovaud Connect are events on invitation only, organised by Innovaud, on specific and very tangible innovation themes. These events are limited to 30, maximum 40 attendees to foster networking.

The goal is to encourage dialogue between all participants (experts, startups, SMEs, investors, research institutes..) in order to building up their relations to accelerate their business.

Cybersecurity in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is now the one most targeted for cyberattacks. In 2017, the industry suffered over 32,000 attacks per day per organization – compared with 14,300 in other industries, according to figures from the cybersecurity experts at Fortinet.

First-hand perspectives on in-company innovation

Every company should build and nurture its own innovation culture. That comment, from Mathieu Menet, Innovation Lab Manager at LEMO, points to the challenge faced by small businesses in leveraging their innovation potential in today’s increasingly global, fast-paced markets.

Design and innovation

Today’s companies succeed only to the extent that users engage with their products and services. With these words, Daphna Glaubert, an architect and researcher at HEIG-VD, summed up a major challenge all modern businesses face. Her comments also point to the key role that design plays in the innovation process.

Eye Health

Over the past 30 years, the proportion of people with visual impairment and blindness has reduced worldwide. However, it is estimated that the growth of the population will triple the number of people with vision impairment. By 2050, there could be 115 million blind people, already 38,5 million in 2020.

Art & Tech

On November 14, 2019, experts and lovers of art and technology gathered at the unique venue of the EPFL ArtLab to learn how both disciplines can blend to create new experiences and business models.

Food & tech

On 18 November 2019, 70 people gathered at the EHL Innovation Village in Lausanne for the “FoodTech Breakfast” event to learn more about the state of innovation in food in Switzerland as well as in the canton of Vaud. The event, which was co-organized by Innovaud, the DEV and l'EHL, also contributed to the effort to build and foster a food and technology community in Switzerland.

AI for SMEs

The latest Innovaud Connect of 2019 took place on the theme of artificial intelligence (AI) for SMEs. Specialists and representatives of small and medium-sized companies from Vaud met at the Starmac of the HEIG-VD to address this topic as well as the opportunities and challenges it represents (article in French).

Sales of technological products during COVID-19

As a startup or SME, it is essential to set up an efficient and professional sales structure and process to maximize the chances of success and therefore income. Our webinar suggests how to optimize your technological sales in containment time.