Scale-Up Vaud: In Boston to learn about the other Scale-Up ecosystems in the world

The first event dedicated at Scale-Up initiatives’ organizers from around the globe took place end October 2018 in Boston. An occasion for Innovaud to present the Vaud program.


Zaphiro Technologies : la gestion en temps réel des réseaux électriques

Paolo, Lorenzo et Marco. Dans les mains de ces trois ingénieurs se déploie Zaphiro Technologies, une spin-off de l’EPFL soutenue par Innovaud et créée en mars 2017. Interview.


AELER on track to streamline global freight transport

The choice of the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT)


A new center dedicated to educational technologies

EPFL opened its brand new LEARN center, which gathers in one place all stakeholders related to educational research as well as tools development and that ultimately contribute to a better training system. It aims to stimulate research and to create new synergies in a field that is vital to the society. It includes several key-entities such as the Swiss EdTech Collider (+70 startups) or the Center for Digital Education (CEDE).


Un Digital Day cybersécurité à Yverdon

La deuxième édition du Digital Day approche rapidement. A l’occasion de cet événement d’envergure nationale, la HEIG-VD proposera avec le SPEI et Innovaud un événement spécial consacré à la cybersécurité et destiné aux PME. Organisé à Y-Parc, cette journée mettra en avant des start-up actives dans ce domaine clé pour la numérisation.


Five years of innovation in Vaud Canton!

Innovaud has been supporting innovation in Vaud Canton since 2013. We provide our services free of charge to pioneering start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs that are based in the canton and feature high-tech innovations and novel approaches. Here are some highlights and key figures.

8/27/2018 the map of canton of Vaud’s digital innovators

The new interactive platform was launched in April 2018 with the objective to map all innovators in the field of digital in the canton of Vaud. 350 companies, labs and accelerators have already joined the platform. Together, they represent 18 different digital technologies and 26 industries.


Switzerland ranks as world leader in innovation

According to the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Switzerland is the only country to score big time in each of the 5 following sectors : economy, sciences, education, public policies and society, among the 35 national economies studied. Switzerland even ranks first in economy, second in education and third in sciences and society.


A new CHF 200 million investment fund

Swisscom's just launched a new Fund in which private investors also took part. The final step towards closing the deal will take place in the upcoming days. Half of the money will be invested in early-stage swiss startups. Investment will mainly be directed to I.T, Cloud infrastructures, telecommunication as well as artifical intelligence and cybersecurity.