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Realinox wins the Innovation prize

Realinox is active in the manufacture and assembly of machines, devices and all items of sheet metal and stainless steel. The Vaud SME, supported by Innovaud, won the 2020 innovation prize of CHF 50,000, awarded by the Nyon Region.


Discover our digital annual report

2019 has been an exceptional year for the innovation ecosystem of Vaud (Switzerland). We present a fully digital report this year as we head towards novelties such as our fusion with the Développement Economique - Canton de Vaud (DEV).


FIT softens refund conditions to support startups

In order to help FIT supported startups currently impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, the Lausanne based Foundation has decided to temporarily soften refund conditions.


Covid-19: Guide and questionnaire for Vaud entrepreneurs

Partial lay off (chômage partiel, RHT), questions, links, tutorials, tips and tricks, a questionnaire and a webinar to help you deal with the current situation: visit our page dedicated to entrepreneurs and share your questions (and resources!) with us.


Informations pour les entreprises vaudoises - coronavirus

La Confédération et les Cantons sont conscients des incertitudes économiques engendrées par l’évolution de l’épidémie COVID-19 et des conséquences directes sur le tissu économique.

Retrouvez sur le site internet de l'Etat de Vaud les mesures mises en place à destination des entreprises vaudoises.


Innovaud continues its mission in telework mode

Current COVID-19 prevention and public health measures have prompted us to ask all our employees to work from home, since Monday March 16, 2020. We nevertheless continue our mission of supporting businesses. We are working on the necessary adjustments, especially for meetings.


Aspivix, lauréate du Scale-Up Programme d’Innosuisse

Le programme de scale-up coaching est un programme intensif de deux ans conçu pour les start-ups suisses de moins de cinq ans employant au moins cinq équivalents temps plein. Seize start-ups ont été sélectionnées et en bénéficieront. Parmi celles-ci, la société Aspivix, spécialisée dans le développement d’outils gynécologiques est basée à UniverCité, l’incubateur de la Fondation Inartis à Renens.


The merger of Innovaud and Economic Development - Canton of Vaud (DEV) officially approved

The general meetings of the associations Innovaud and Développement Économique - Canton de Vaud (DEV) validated the merger of the two entities into a single association during the extraordinary general meeting of March 12, 2020 in Lausanne. The new entity will be called "Innovaud". The committee members and the president of the new structure are also elected. Its new management was also chosen following a job competition. The two teams from Innovaud and DEV will work under the same roof for their common mission (media release, in French)


25 years of support for entrepreneurship

Accompany those who dare to undertake. For 25 years, GENILEM has been supporting innovative start-up companies. From IT to commerce, industry or green technologies, GENILEM offers innovative entrepreneurs in the canton of Vaud a 3-year professional coaching. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, all year round you will find accompanied company portraits and testimonials from entrepreneurs on a special website.