Advanced Sport Instruments (ASI) reçoit un prêt de CHF 300'000.-

La start-up lausannoise, qui a collaboré avec la HEIG-VD à ses débuts, a récemment convaincu le jury de la Fondation pour l’Innovation Technologique (FIT) de lui octroyer un prêt Early pour renforcer sa croissance. ASI développe en effet FieldWiz, un outil de suivi des performances stratégiques et physiques des joueurs de sports d’équipe comme le football.


Seedstars Expansion Program to Emerging Markets 2018

After a successful experience last year, the Seedstars Expansion Program to emerging markets is expanding. This year, Vaud-based startups are invited to an open competition that will allow up to 10 of them to go on a fully-sponsored 4-day program to three Seedstars Regional Summits in Perú, Ivory Coast and Thailand.


CSEM Challenge for Swiss SME

You are a Swiss company with up to 250 employees, and you have a digitalization project? Leveraging its technology portfolio, CSEM will support you in its realization with CHF 100K worth of support.


Y-Parc is expanding

Two brand new buildings worth CHF 55 million will be unveiled in late 2019. The first one will be a 20'000 m2 multi-space available to several companies for rent and will be a great choice for establishment. The company Perret Gentil + Rey & Associés SA will settle its head office in the second one. Both buildings will be under construction in September.<br />


New positioning "Home of Innovations" and new promotional tools

The Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI) as well as its partners - Innovaud and DEV - completely reviewed their communication tools in order to reinforce Vaud' strategic position as a worldwide hub for innovation. Indeed, new synergies have allowed them to launch both print and digital tools on June 14, 2018.


For the best digital projects

The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) launches FIT Digital, the new supporting tool for innovative digital projects based in the Canton of Vaud.


Four new companies join the Scale Up Vaud community

BlueBotics, ecoRobotix, Nanolive and Objectis entered Innovaud’s Scale Up Vaud initiative, increasing the high-growth companies' community to 25 members in total.


Cybersecurity: at the heart of BlackAlps 2018

BlackAlps 2018 took place in May 2018 at Y-Parc on a recurring and often neglected problem in businesses, namely the protection of data against internal threats. What actions to take in case of leakage or destruction of data in a company?

4/16/2018, the new platform for innovative players

Innovaud and the SPECo launch a new web platform in order to "map" all actors (stratups, SMEs, academia....) of digitalization in the Canton of Vaud.