Success Stories

Tyre Recycling Solutions

Tyre Recycling Solutions transforms used tyres into a powder for multiple industrial applications. The Vaud-based company now exports its expertise to the Middle East, China and Eastern Europe.


Lunaphore has developed a device used to analyze and identify cancerous tissue in less than 15 minutes. The startup plans to market its technology to hospitals and research labs.

Aspivix: améliorer la qualité des soins prodigués aux femmes

Accéder au col de l’utérus tout en diminuant l’appréhension et la douleur des femmes, en particulier lors de la pose d’un stérilet : telle est la proposition de valeur d’Aspivix, une startup fondée en 2015 par Julien Finci, David Finci et Mathieu Horras.

SpotMe, créateur d’outils numériques d’engagement

SpotMe a rejoint les entreprises vaudoises détentrices du label Scale Up Vaud. Après plusieurs virages réussis, l'entreprise s'est spécialisée dans le domaine des événements. Sa plate-forme permet à toute organisation de créer son application et la mettre à disposition en ligne.


DEPsys has developed a smart grid management solution. Building on its robust growth in Switzerland, DEPsys now aims to expand globally.

Golden Chlorella : une micro-algue protéinée dans votre assiette

Promouvoir une alimentation saine tout en préservant l’environnement. Telle est l’ambition de Golden Chlorella, une entreprise fondée en septembre 2016 par Mine Uran et Majbrit Byskov-Bridge. Au cœur de leur innovation : une micro-algue riche en protéines, en minéraux et en vitamines. « Mine a étudié plus de 2'500 sources de micro-algues avant de se lancer dans la production de la Golden Chlorella, indique Nina Müller, chef de développement produits. Cette micro-algue possède des propriétés exceptionnelles, qui en font une source de nutri-ment naturelle et complète. »

PSI Audio : l’innovation du son analogique

« Depuis plus de 40 ans, nous cherchons à reproduire les sons le plus précisément possible, indique en préambule le CEO Roger Roschnik, afin que nos haut-parleurs les transmettent de la façon la plus naturelle qui soit. » Fondée en 1977 par Alain Roux, l’entreprise située à Yver-don compte aujourd’hui une dizaine de personnes qui « exercent à elles seules une trentaine de métiers, allant de la recherche à la logistique, en passant par l’administration, l’assemblage, l’usinage de pièces et bien d’autres activités encore. »


This US medical technology giant has developed partnerships with various figures in the local financial and scientific community. Since setting up business in Tolochenaz in 1996, the group has worked very closely with the EPFL, HEIG-VD, and CHUV academic institutions.

Safe Host

This small business currently manages three data centers, including the largest in Switzerland, in the Nyon region. The company is expanding, with its mission being to meet all data storage needs across the board.

Sophia Genetics

This company is a pioneer in personalized genetic medicine, breaking down and analyzing patients’ molecular data and then providing a diagnostic and suggesting personalized treatment. This particularly applies to cancers and various hereditary illnesses.


SenseFly is based in Cheseaux and has enjoyed rapid growth to become the world leader in drones for professional usage. Its products can map large areas with high precision and in 3D, as well as inspect buildings and works of art.

Predictive Layer

Predictive Layer’s mission is to provide leading services in automated predictive analysis. The company uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to process client information and correlate it with open data to establish short-term forecasts.


This Lausanne-based company provides businesses with a solution for their digital experience management. They are a software provider that gives their clients the information they require to limit their costs, reduce their IT issues, and ensure data security.


NetGuardians is a fintech company based in Yverdon-les-Bains that is renowned for its fraud prevention and risk-attenuation solutions. Its main innovation is its ability to detect fraud before it occurs by means of behavioral analysis technology.


MindMaze is a spin-off from the EPFL which has revolutionized neurological treatment. The start-up’s neurological retraining system is behind its rise to prominence in the unicorn category, i.e., new companies worth over a billion dollars.

Lamina Technologies

Lamina is a specialist in the production of tungsten carbide cutting tools which it delivers in the thousands to the medical, automotive, and aeronautics sectors. It was created in Yverdon-les-Bains in 2001 and is now considered to be one of the greatest success stories in Vaud in recent years.


This company has long been the jewel in the crown of Swiss industry and is one of the world leaders in energy storage solutions, particularly for renewable energies.

Green Motion

This business is a pure player active in charging facilities for electric vehicles and has a complete range of home and public stations. This company is anticipating 4% of all cars in Switzerland to have converted to this system by 2020.


This mattress manufacturer has been established in the canton of Vaud since 1895 and has innovated by means of a rental solution for beds and mattresses based on usage called "Smart Lease." Other projects are currently being worked on, including "the digital concierge" which is being developed in conjunction with the School of Management and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD).


This company has designed a robot which can detect and eliminate weeds using a camera which scans the various crops. The device is also capable of navigating autonomously in between rows of crops.


Combagroup uses new environmentally-friendly technologies including a mobile aeroponic system that is unique in the world. Lettuce and aromatic herbs are sprayed with water and nutrients using retractable vertical nozzles.


This Vaud-based medtech company uses nanofluidic technology to speed up the blood-test process and get quicker medical diagnostics. Founded in 2010, Abionic is a rapidly-developing start-up that is now looking to expand its horizons internationally.