Our Programs

With a view to supporting companies throughout their life cycle, Innovaud has created several programs to support the development of start-ups and scale-ups in Vaud. The NNexus program enables start-ups in the validation phase to be put in touch with potential clients. To consolidate the foundations for rapid expansion, we collaborate with IMD on a training program adapted to these ambitious entrepreneurs: LeadiNNg to Scale-Up. Once growth is well underway, the Scale Up Vaud community is there to allow exchanges between scale-ups.

The Scale-Up Vaud initiative

The Scale Up Vaud initiative supports companies in the growth phase and help them respond to various external factors that could affect their business. It acts on four key levers of innovation: promote, support, bring together and catalyze.

LeadiNNg to Scale-Up

The LeadiNNg to Scale-Up program is designed to propel Vaud-based tech companies from promising startups to fast-growing scale-ups.
It covers 3 key pillars: leadership, organizational design and strategic scaling.

The SyNNergy program

The SyNNergy program is designed to support consortia of at least three companies, the majority of which are Vaud-based, wishing to carry out an innovative project linked to the digital transition.


Upgrade your business model to develop your company and improve your chances of success! InnoPME is a program created by the Department of Economic Promotion and Innovation (SPEI) in partnership with Strategyzer.

Scaling Up Sales

Scaling Up Sales is a program supported by The Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI) in partnership with Innovaud and the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT). This program supports SMEs & technology start-ups in the growth phase by developing the business management skills of entrepreneurs.