A support for collaborative, innovative, and digital projects!

Introduced in 2022, the SyNNergy program supports a consortia of at least 3 companies. Most companies of this pool should beVaud-based wishing to carry out an innovative project together related to digital transition. The goal of SyNNergy is to help this project become a reality with the support of a coach and financial assistance.

«Alone we go faster, together we go further.»


Next selection committee date: Thursday 30th March

In order to take part in the next committee, please notice that your application must be validated by an external expert at least 2 weeks before the committee meeting.


In order to match SyNNergy program criterias, the project must meet the following requirements:

  • The project is led by a consortium of at least 3 companies. Most of them should be from the canton of Vaud (to which may be added: associations, municipalities, research institutes, universities, etc.)

  • The project responds to a proven market need

  • It is based on an innovative solution that integrates digital technology

  • The sult produced should benefit all project partners

  • The result of the project can be adapted by other companies or public authorities, or on other markets, whitin the limits of intellectual property

  • The project should have an economic and societal impact that can be quantified (e.g. jobs created, new skills acquired, improved efficiency, visibility)

  • ATTENTION : The program is not intended for a company working with several agents on the exclusive development of its own technological roadmap


The project is subject to a selection process

  1. Online pre-registration and first evaluation are made by the piloting committee

  2. If the project meets the requirements, registration is finalised by sending the registration form

  3. Full evaluation is made by an external expert

  4. The steering committee selects projects 3 to 4 times a year

  5. If the project is selected, a grant is provided and the support can start


The project is supported up to 50% of the budget and a maximum of CHF 100,000.

The amount of support breaks down as follows:

  • At least 20% of the support amount is dedicated to the coaching by an approved SyNNergy coach.

The coach has the fundamental mission of catalyst and motivator. He/She will ensure that the partners remain dynamic and involved during project and that Milestones and objectives are achieved in terms of time and resources.

  • The remaining amount of the support will finance part of the project costs: hardware, software, expert consultancy hours on specific issues, internal working hours of project partners,etc.


Our SyNNergy supervisor is available to answer your questions.


Arnaud Croisier

Project Manager