EPFL Innovation Park, a springboard for high-tech companies

EPFL Innovation Park (EIP) helps high-tech companies to succeed by providing a full array of services and expertise that promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Its mission is to help ensure that world-class research from EPFL and neighboring universities translates into outstanding startups and innovative projects with established companies.

EIP, which sits on EPFL’s campus, provides a vibrant and inspiring workplace for 2,300 innovators and entrepreneurs active in more than 150 startups and the R&D units of 25 large companies. They have access not only to cutting-edge research at EPFL, but also to a large network of investors, talents and advisors.

Since it was created in 1995, EIP has supported over 500 companies, which together have raised more than CHF 2 billion in funding. Many of its startups are enjoying fast growth and real success. Mindmaze, AC Immune, Lemoptix and L.E.S.S. are just some of its myriad success stories.

Tech platforms

With over 340 laboratories in ICT, life sciences, optics, and micro & nano technologies, EPFL houses a wide range of advanced equipment on its campus. Companies based at EIP must contact the labs directly, however, to negotiate access to these technology platforms. Some EPFL groups, such as the Center of MicroNanoTechnology, have skilled staff to assist companies in their use of the equipment.


EIP offers flexible office and lab solutions together with collaborative facilities and services for startups and large innovative companies alike.

Startup-friendly hosting solutions include the free co-working space La Forge, low-cost private offices for early-stage startups (before they have received substantial income or investments), modern flexible offices for more advanced startups and customized office space for the R&D units of leading corporations.

Admission to EIP, including La Forge, is highly competitive. Key criteria include an existing collaboration with an EPFL research program, the use of disruptive technology, the ability to become an industry leader and highly motivated founders.


EIP is composed of 13 buildings offering 55,000m2 of office space. Five buildings are equipped with biology or chemistry laboratories. Conference rooms, meeting rooms and co-working spaces are also available to tenants.

In addition, there are several on-site cafeterias and restaurants as well as shops and a nearby sports center. The renowned SwissTech Convention Center is only 500 meters away.

business services

EIP offers a wide array of training, coaching, acceleration and networking services along with funding support.

EIP, on behalf of Innosuisse, runs the Business Concept program for people associated with universities in western Switzerland. It has also put in place several proprietary expert programs – including Sales Angels, Board Academy and Exit Strategy – to help high-potential startups to scale up.

EIP is staffed with a dynamic team that oversees the awarding of InnoGrants for researchers and XGrants for Bachelor’s and Master’s students; a highly professional industry-specific coaching team to guide startup projects and companies; and a group of innovation mentors to assist SMEs with their innovative projects. In partnership with the investment companies that it hosts, EIP connects high-potential startups with a network of angel investors, foundations and individual investors.

It also offers regular networking events and focused workshops for all members of tenant companies.


EIP currently hosts over 150 startups, the R&D units of 25 large companies, and nearly two dozen service providers. These companies are active in a wide range of fields, such as biotech, cleantech, medtech, and micro & nano technology, to name just a few.


Entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs and large corporations that team up with EPFL or another Swiss university are eligible to join EIP. A letter of support from a professor or senior scientist confirming the existing or planned link-up is required.


EIP sits on the shores of Lake Geneva in the heart of one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe. It is located on the EPFL campus, near Lausanne, within walking distance of hotels, restaurants, shops and sports facilities as well as the SwissTech Convention Center.

EIP can be easily reached from all over Switzerland and the rest of Europe thanks to the public transport system, international road and rail links and Geneva Airport (60km away).