Our agency is the partner of foreign companies wishing to set up in Switzerland, in the canton of Vaud. With more than 2,000 high-tech companies and 50,000 direct jobs, numerous universities, centers of higher education and research centers, our canton forms a living ecosystem, strongly connected locally and internationally, and focused on people. The talents, multiculturalism, political and economic stability, companies and skills of our region make it a unique innovation hub for those who wish to establish their headquarters, a site for production, research or R&D and create new jobs, right in the heart of Europe.

Many international companies trust us and have established themselves in our region. Each year, we meet entrepreneurs from around the world to assess their needs and guide them in their implementation process and their innovation projects, in a region where entrepreneurship is valued and supported. Once established, foreign companies contribute to the multiculturalism and the economy of our country. We take care of the practical aspects of their installation and the establishment of their activities.

Our "invest" services at a glance

Innovaud and its network of partners provide free help and support to foreign businesses wishing to set up a presence in the canton of Vaud.


Services provided include:

  • Company visits

We support foreign companies during their assessment of the canton of Vaud as a potential site for their business, R&D, or production activities by organizing visits.

  •  Company creation

We assist companies in all the necessary steps to set up their company in the canton of Vaud, including choosing the right legal form, connecting with a bank and a notary, as well as registering with the company register. As each project is unique, companies benefit from personalized advice.

  • Key advice and support

In collaboration with the Employment Office (SDE) and the Population Service (SPOP), we support companies arriving in the canton for all their administrative procedures related to the hiring of staff, such as visas, work permits, and the payment of salaries. We also put them in touch with the right partners in the academic world as well as with reputable recruitment firms.

  • Fiscal and financial framework

Companies registered in Switzerland benefit from lower taxation rates than in most European countries. Additionally, the national VAT rate is by far the lowest on the continent at just 7.7%. We collaborate with law firms with significant experience in working with international firms and we provide advice on financial tools available for newly registered companies.

  •  Real estate

The canton of Vaud has numerous premises than can accommodate any type of administrative, commercial, industrial or technological activities. Additionally, large plots of constructible land are available throughout the canton. We help companies find and identify the best sites according to their needs, which could for example be in one of the canton’s seven state-of-the-art technology parks.

  • Connection

Our agency has a large network of partners and contacts in the political, industrial, academic and banking sectors, both in Switzerland and abroad. Additionally, we offer companies the opportunity to network at our weekly or monthly events to facilitate their integration into the Vaud ecosystem.


Our agency also provides advice and more personal information on topics such as accommodation, schooling or the discovery of the multiple cultural and sporting activities available in the canton.

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Why invest in the canton of Vaud

At the crossroads of the world

The region has a glowing global reputation, in particular thanks to the various international events that are organized there.

Center of innovation

The canton of Vaud is a leading European hub in terms of technology and innovation, most notably in research and development.

Qualified workforce

Thanks to its education and professional training system, the canton of Vaud has an extensive workforce that is qualified and often multilingual.

Our success stories


Swissto12 has firmly established its position as a promising startup<br />in the aerospace and satellite industry thanks to its innovative 3D<br />printing technology.


Swissquote is the leading online bank in Switzerland. Since 1997, the company has distinguished itself by offering access to world class financial services to the broadest possible public.


This Japanese group which is active in consumer goods, in particular oral hygiene products, established premises at the Littoral Parc in Etoy in 2009. The similarities between Switzerland and Japan were one of the reasons why the company chose to set up its head-quarters on the shores of Lake Geneva.