Who should contact Innovaud ?

Any startup, scale-up and SME, established in the canton of Vaud or wanting to, innovative and with cutting-edge technology.

The 4 promotion areas of expertise

Social Network

Innovaud highlights innovation projects as well as businesses and their success stories through social network : Twitter and LinkedIn.

Video / interviews portraits

Innovaud brings to light innovation projects as well as businesses and their success stories, every month, through companies' portraits with articles and videos on Innovaud's youtube channel. You can also follow innovation news and innovative Vaud companies with Innovaud monthly newsletter.


Innovaud has privileged relationships with the media. Innovaud regularly sends press releases regarding grants and loans from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT). Media write about Success Stories certified Scale Up Vaud and about companies supported by Innovaud.


Innovaud emphasizes companies she supports trhough many different events. As an example, in 2017, Innovaud has co-organised and organised 49 events for which she was strongly involved.

Success Stories

Largo Films : l’intelligence artificielle au service du cinéma

Fondée en février 2018, Largo Films a pour objectif de mettre l’innovation technologique au service de l’industrie du cinéma. La start-up vaudoise a développé LargoAI, un puissant programme d'intelligence artificielle, piloté par les données, capables de comprendre les ingrédients d'un film et de prédire la réaction du public à chaque partie. L’outil peut être introduit très tôt dans la vie d'un film afin d’aider à l’améliorer, à chaque étape de son développement.

Tyre Recycling Solutions

Tyre Recycling Solutions transforms used tyres into a powder for multiple industrial applications. The Vaud-based company now exports its expertise to the Middle East, China and Eastern Europe.


Lunaphore has developed a device used to analyze and identify cancerous tissue in less than 15 minutes. The startup plans to market its technology to hospitals and research labs.