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Strong Network en quête de sécurité

La start-up lausannoise, fondée par Laurent Balmelli et Ozrenko Dragic, vise à créer des parcs informatiques virtuels. Découvrez leur portrait.


Sécuriser les données, dans l'espace aussi, avec CYSEC

La Scale-up lausannoise CYSEC, fondée en 2018 par Patrick Trinkler et Yacine Felk, développe des solutions de sécurité des données. Leur spécialité ? Les communications satellitaires !


Un nouveau réseau d'innovation pour l'hydrogène bas carbone

Un nouveau pas a été franchi, ce mardi 14 novembre 2023, dans le domaine de l’hydrogène dans le canton de Vaud avec la création du Réseau H2 Suisse Romande.


Isochronic unveils simultaneous pick-and-place robotics

A company called Isochronic is developing a new generation of pick-and-place robotics. Recognizing the limitations of sequential, single-arm transfers like those carried out by the Delta, Isochronic’s founders designed a robotic system that can simultaneously move multiple items to various places – such as pallets, packaging and waste containers. The company’s founder, Dr. Melvin Haas, gives us the lowdown on this extraordinary system.


Brightside prépare les employés des PME aux cyberattaques

La start-up vaudoise Brightside simule des attaques personnalisées afin que les entreprises apprennent à repérer les tentatives de piratages informatiques mais surtout de mieux gérer leur empreinte numérique.


Tune Insight set to revolutionize data-sharing between entities

Today’s advanced data analysis capabilities are a double-edged sword. On the plus side, never before has it been possible to glean so many insights out of combined datasets. On the minus side, companies or organizations that pool their data for analysis purposes run the risk of data loss and even regulatory non-compliance, especially when they’re located in different jurisdictions. That makes data-sharing a no-go when dealing with highly sensitive information. Tune Insight, a startup based in Canton of Vaud, has come up with an elegant solution to this multifaceted problem.


Artiria’s deflectable guidewires revolutionize stroke treatment

When doctors perform brain surgery to treat a stroke, time is of the essence. One of the most time-consuming tasks in such procedures is guiding the surgeon’s wire through the dense, winding maze of blood vessels in the brain. If a surgeon wants to point the wire in a different direction, for instance, he has to remove the entire instrument, reorient the tip manually, and then reinsert the instrument back through the femoral artery. This process lengthens surgery times considerably and increases the risk of complications. But with the deflectable guidewire developed by Artiria Medical, such painstaking steps are set to be a thing of the past.


Twiice gets people with paraplegia back on their feet

Step after step, one foot after the other. Your skis heavy on your feet, your backpack a constant strain, your face drenched in sweat. Pausing to look up, all you see is the steep mountain climb looming ahead. Undeterred, you plant one of your ski poles into the snow, and then the other, and continue your ascent. Welcome to the world of ski touring, a highly demanding yet popular sport that consists of walking up the side of a mountain on your skis for several hours and then, once at the top, skiing back down.

Does trudging up a snowy mountain on skis sound hard? Imagine doing it if you don’t have the use of your legs. That very feat was accomplished by a paraplegic patient in a remarkable demonstration of the lower-limb exoskeleton developed by Vaud-based startup Twiice.


Sonix delivers blazing audio speeds for remote gamers and musicians

On 9 July 2022, people attending the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and the Jazz à Vienne festival near Lyon, France, were in for a special treat. One of the jazz ensembles they enjoyed was split up between the two venues – some members of the group were onstage in Montreux, while the rest were in Vienne, nearly 300 kilometers away. Despite the distance, the ensemble delivered a seamless joint performance that was streamed live for spectators at both sites.