Registration deadline : 9/4/2020


L’objectif principal du programme UCreate3 est de susciter, faciliter et accélérer la création et le développement d’un minimum de 5-6 projets innovants par semestre. Le programme sera encadré par des experts, coachs et formateurs qui accompagneront les projets pendant 16 semaines. Un espace de co-working sera mis à disposition à l’Accélérateur de l’UNIL notamment pour suivre les formations du programme, faciliter le partage d’expériences ainsi que la cohésion des équipes et des projets.


Registration deadline : 9/27/2020

Innovation By Design Challenge

Are you a young company and want to challenge your product / service from a design perspective? Are you a designer and want to offer your skills to a young innovative company? Try the experience and take part in the Innovation by Design Challenge which will be held as part of the Entrepreneurial Week of the City of Renens. By initiating unprecedented collaborations between companies and designers in the region, ECAL, the City of Renens, EPFL, Innovaud, HEIG-VD and Les Ateliers de Renens organize workshops that will make it possible to imagine how to improve the offer of a product / service by using a design.


Registration deadline : 9/30/2020

Cyber Startup Challenge 2020

The Cyber-Defence Campus is looking for innovative technologies and explores the startup market by organizing the Cyber Startup Challenge 2020.
The goal of the challenge is to discover the startup technology landscape around the subject of cyber threat intelligence and to bring innovative technologies to the Swiss Armed Forces.


Registration deadline : 10/11/2020

Swisscom Startup Challenge

5G is the next generation of mobile telecommunications and offers a wealth of new opportunities for our smart digital society.
​If you are a start-up or a research team keen to harness the potential of 5G, then apply with your product or prototype for the Exploration Week in Swisscom’s 5G Lab and take your products to the next level alongside Swisscom's 5G experts.


Registration deadline : 10/31/2020

Funds and innovation prize

The Nyon Region rewards innovative business projects that contribute to the regional economy. It does so with the support of the Canton of Vaud, through a regional fund contributing to the Innovation Prize, which encourages small or large companies, associations, craftsmen and young creators. The annual measure also offers a spotlight on their activities.