Pioneering robotics for over half a century

Innovation in robotics will significantly improve workplace efficiency and our quality of life. The canton of Vaud is driving advances in all sub-fields of robotics, while reataining focus on the connection between robots and humans.

The canton of Vaud has a rich history with robotics dating back to the early 1970s; its long tradition of watchmaking and micro-engineering turned the region into a vibrant hub for industrial robotics. Startups in other sub-fields of robotics are also flourishing thanks to the region’s academic excellence, favourable environment for technology transfer, strong interdisciplinary culture, and the lack of administrative barriers.

The region is a pioneer in mobile robotics, and thanks to the positive influence of the NCCR Robotics research consortium, it also excels in wearable and educational robots. Virtual reality, AI and other associated technologies also benefit from the canton’s unique, innovative spirit.

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