A remarkable grouping of researchers and clinicians

Created by a partnership between the CHUV, the UNIL, the EPFL, Ludwig Cancer Research, and the ISREC Foundation, the Swiss Cancer Center in Lausanne represents one of the main poles of research into cancer in the country.

It enables the canton of Vaud to maintain its position at the cutting edge of oncology on a global level and for decades to come, with the region playing host to a multitude of biotechnology and medtech companies as well as biomedical research laboratories and incubators such as the Biopôle and StartLab, whose aim is to develop innovative projects in the field of life sciences.

The main base for this new entity is the Agora Cancer Center, which was inaugurated in 2018 at the CHUV and which has 11,500 m2 available for 300 researchers and clinicians. In the field of oncology, the canton of Vaud, in particular the Lausanne region, enjoys a network of research institutes and training centers of an incredible density. It also benefits from the support of foundations which play a key role in terms of financing. By way of illustration, almost 16,000 people are employed in the life sciences sector in the canton.

Of the companies active in this field in the region, almost 40% develop products or services which find an application in oncology. They include ADC Therapeutics, ERC Swiss, IQVIA, Legacy Healthcare, Med Discovery, Phi Pharma, and Vaxeal.

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