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Future of Health Grant

This year, the Future of Health Grant conference will delve into the captivating theme of “Longevity”. Explore the intricate factors influencing both lifespan and healthspan – how long we live and how long we live in good health. Discover the latest trends and innovations driving the field of longevity and understand its crucial role in our healthcare system. Engage with thought leaders, experts, and startups as we navigate these questions and more.

Rolex Learning Center, EPFL, Lausanne


TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award 2024

The 100 most innovative and promising Swiss startups are picked by a jury of 100 leading investors and startup experts for the 14th consecutive year. The invitation-only Award Night connects the CEOs of the most promising Swiss startups with Swiss and international investors, executives, and journalists and celebrates the TOP 100 Swiss Startups.



TechTour Growth Health

Meet Healthcare game changers at the 15th edition of Europe's leading healthtech event.
The top 40 companies ranked by a panel of over 40 investors will be invited to present their projects.



Tech4Growth Conference 2024

Tech4Growth Conference brings together corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, academic professors, and senior scientists to learn from the best practices and collaboration models of innovation key players in diverse industry sectors such as Logitech, Swisscom, UBS, as well as promising start-ups.

Rolex Learning Center, EPFL, Lausanne


Innovation Award - Wood & Bio & Geosourced Materials

The WOOD BEE association, in collaboration with the BFH – Bern University of Applied Sciences / Department of School of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering, is launching the “WILL BEE” award to encourage and recognise innovation in the use of wood and bio- and geosourced materials.

Casino de Montbenon à Lausanne


THE SPOT 2024 / Day 1

The best network accelerator in the sports industry, bringing together pioneers from sports organizations, companies, investors and academia in one place: the international sports and innovation event organized by ThinkSport is back for its 5th edition in the Olympic capital. If you have a curious mind, a stake in sport or physical activity and want to meet change-makers who deliver fresh ideas or solutions for the sports world, then this is your MUST-attend-event!

SwissTech Convention Center


Showcase 2030

Join us for an engaging event where we explore the concept of sufficiency in innovation and technology. Discover how mindful resource use, the balance between high-tech and low-tech solutions, and a collective effort to live within planetary boundaries can pave the way for a sustainable future.

Swiss Tech Convention Center - Lausanne