Innovaud is the Vaud branch of platinn and the gateway for requests for services from the platinn network. platinn provides coaching and strategic advice services to start-ups as well as small and medium-sized businesses in their innovation projects and in the development of their business model. Platinn contributes in this way to the strengthening of the innovation capacity and competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses.

A network of certified business coaches working across Western Switzerland is available to provide different types of support: 

  • ORGANISATION: Helping to develop and optimize the organization, resources and processes 
  • BUSINESS: Helping to develop the business and sales model 
  • COOPERATION: Helping to develop partnerships and start collaborative projects
  • FINANCE: Helping to define strategies and financing search

platinn certified coaches in Vaud

Marie-Laure Berthie, finance coach

• strategy, business development
• fundraising, investors relationship and negotiation
• partnerships & negotiation

Pascal Dutheil, business and finance coach

• financing of start-ups and SMEs
• financial planning
• investments

Olivier Gasser, business coach

• 20years + international experience in general management
• reorganization, M&A, integration and synergies
• recruitment, team management

Reto Hartmann, business coach

• Life Science
• BioTech
• MedTech
• B2B

Simon Johnson, business coach

• internet applications and solutions (SaaS, e-commerce, security, PABX virtual)
• mobile telephone/Internet, fiber optic communications
• drones (unmanned aerial systems), sensors and RFID solutions
• renewable energy

Christian Hugonnet, finances coach

. Specialist in financial management, analysis and planning
. Experience in negotiating partnerships
. Support for the implementation of fundraising

Marco Ruedi, business coach

• LIFE SCIENCES: Industrie pharmaceutique, Biotech, Medtech
• HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS: e-Health, Market Access, Pricing, Système de santé (public)
• Business Development, Translational Medicine, • Product strategy and development

Christian Viollette, business coach

• international business development B2B & B2C
• distribution, technical sales and project management
• e-health, IoT, Cloud & Networks

Jean de Wolff, business coach

• sales & marketing
• export & internationalisation
• exit strategy
• ICT, services & telco

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