Imagining the solutions of tomorrow

The canton of Vaud has cutting-edge skills in the life sciences, micro and nanotechnologies, ICT and digital fields, as well as the sectors of energy and the environment, and food and nutrition. This wide range of competencies is the result of both a long industrial tradition in the region and its incredible capacity for innovation.

The research institutes in Vaud (the EPFL, the HEIG-VD, and the UNIL) have set up incubators to promote the emergence of start-ups and support their development. Various partnerships have developed between the different research bodies as well as with the sectors of business and industry. Accelerating innovation, optimizing production processes, and consolidating the knowledge base are the main objectives of these collaborations.

The canton of Vaud is perfectly integrated into national, European, and global research projects, and the genuine expertise that it can leverage provides added value in many domains. Just one example is the Human Brain Project, which aims to simulate the human brain on a supercomputer – a wide-ranging program to which the EPFL is affiliated.

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