We help start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs and large companies established in the canton of Vaud to make themselves known. Our promotion services also aim to spread the innovative power of our region and of Switzerland in general, all over the world.

Our 4 promotion areas

Social Network

Innovaud highlights innovation projects as well as businesses and their success stories through social networks : Twitter or LinkedIn.

Articles and videos

Innovaud highlights innovation projects, companies and their successes through portraits, articles, interviews or videos.

Media and newsletter

Innovaud communicates regularly via the media. A newsletter is sent every month and brings together the main news related to our missions.


Innovaud values the companies it supports, thanks to numerous events in Switzerland and around the world. In 2020, Innovaud organized 35 events.

Success Stories


Swissquote is the leading online bank in Switzerland. Since 1997, the company has distinguished itself by offering access to world class financial services to the broadest possible public.


This Japanese group which is active in consumer goods, in particular oral hygiene products, established premises at the Littoral Parc in Etoy in 2009. The similarities between Switzerland and Japan were one of the reasons why the company chose to set up its head-quarters on the shores of Lake Geneva.


Plus sûrs, plus rapides et moins coûteux: les drones de la start-up<br />vaudoise Flyability ont conquis le marché de la vérification d’installations difficiles d’accès.