Seeking out and encouraging innovation

The canton of Vaud has launched the first support program for scale-ups in Switzerland. The Scale-Up Vaud label is aimed at technology and innovation companies that have an annual growth rate of jobs of at least 20% over two consecutive years or more, and which were entered in the Register of Commerce at least three years ago and have a minimum of 10 employees.

The initiative is designed to reward their success and support their growth. The project was born of the realization that while there are various means of helping and supporting start-ups, there are much fewer for businesses which have moved up to the next level, but which have the potential to create a considerable number of jobs with significant added value.

There are currently 21 companies that have signed up for the initiative and have the certification initiated by Innovaud – the Office for Economic Affair’s designated partner to help innovative businesses. These scale-ups enjoy targeted access to various partners (including platinn, Alliance, S-GE, and the CVCI) who can help them develop or strengthen their activities. A key aspect of the program is the meetings with other scale-ups to pool knowledge and share good practices. Another main aim is to promote exchanges with established businesses and multinationals who are participating in the project, essentially to increase the sales and distribution opportunities of their products and services.

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