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Innovaud helps businesses to activate financial support from the Office of Economic Affairs and acts as a gateway for candidates for grants and loans from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) (www.fondation-fit.ch).
Innovaud offers advice on financing strategy and also facilitates contact with business angels, risk capital funds, and other sources of investment.


Innovaud provides access to various networks of certified coaches who can work for businesses free of charge, namely Innosuisse Startup Coaching, platinn, and Alliance TT. These coaches support entrepreneurs in areas such as business strategy and models, partnerships, organization, and financing.


Innovaud highlights innovation projects as well as businesses and their success stories via various channels (including articles, videos, newsletters, social networks, and events).


Innovaud enables companies to find the ideal location in incubators and technology parks. Privileged working relationships can then be established with the research institutes in each of the six technology parks in Vaud (the EPFL Innovation Park, the Biopôle, Y-PARC, the Orbe Technology Prak, the Sainte-Croix Technology Park, and the Ateliers de Renens).


Innovaud offers quick and easy inter-connection with the right partner to speed up the innovation process and provide access to a vast network of organizations working to support innovation, as well as to an ecosystem of innovative companies in the region.