Cleantech at the forefront of technology

Climate change, pollution, and the deterioration of ecosystems are problems that are part of our daily lives nowadays. Throughout the world, the development of solutions to reduce the consumption of natural resources and limit greenhouse gas emissions is intensifying. The global cleantech market is worth 2,500 billion euros, with an annual average growth rate of 10.6% over the past 10 years, and it is expected to continue to progress at a rate of 6.5% per annum until 2025.

The canton of Vaud has been active in dealing with these issues for a number of years now via such companies as Leclanché (energy storage solutions) and Romande Energie (development of renewable energies and energy efficiency), as well as being involved with innovative projects such as Bertrand Piccard’s famous SolarImpulse solar aircraft.

In Western Switzerland, the cleantech cluster CleantechAlps is committed to promoting the sector. It helps to support and network companies involved, at the same time integrating the research institutes that are active in cleantech. The EPFL’s environment sciences and engineering faculty and the Ecotechnology faculty at the HEIG-VD in particular are a breeding ground for cutting-edge knowledge and indeed experts. Plenty of start-ups are also emerging in the cleantech sector, most notably in innovative fields such as agritech and smart grids.

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Our success stories


Swissquote is the leading online bank in Switzerland. Since 1997, the company has distinguished itself by offering access to world class financial services to the broadest possible public.


This Japanese group which is active in consumer goods, in particular oral hygiene products, established premises at the Littoral Parc in Etoy in 2009. The similarities between Switzerland and Japan were one of the reasons why the company chose to set up its head-quarters on the shores of Lake Geneva.


Plus sûrs, plus rapides et moins coûteux: les drones de la start-up<br />vaudoise Flyability ont conquis le marché de la vérification d’installations difficiles d’accès.



Une cinquantaine de start-up suisses ont été rachetées en 2023

A en croire plusieurs spécialistes du capital-investissement, cette tendance est à mettre sur le compte de la raréfaction des sources de financement : en Suisse, les jeunes pousses technologiques ont levé 35% de capitaux de moins en 2023 qu’en 2022


EduTrust, premier succès du programme SyNNergy

Découvrez en images, un des premiers succès du programme SyNNergy, proposé par Innovaud. SyNNergy a comme mission principale de Synnergy est de faciliter le processus de digitalisation pour les entreprises vaudoises en leur offrant un soutien financier et du coaching. Le programme est conçu pour stimuler la collaboration entre différentes typologies d'acteurs économiques, incluant PME, start-ups, grandes entreprises, et autres organisations.