Thanks to its watchmaking and microtechnology heritage, the canton of Vaud is highly specialized in materials, surface treatments and metrology.

Materials and microtechnologies are a vital part of our lives, from telephones to clothes and buildings. The types of material available are wide-ranging, including polymers, metals, ceramics; each has a specific structure that engineers must understand in order to create the most suitable designs for each purpose. Alongside materials science, surface treatments and metrology (which relates to measurement), are pivotal fields when it comes to the emergence of innovative and efficient products.

Scientific and technological progress has revolutionized the types of material we use, and how we use them. Researchers and engineers have already given us a vast range of new composite materials and smart alloys, while more bespoke materials are now being developed for very specific uses. Now, this sector faces some major challenges in order to meet society’s needs, for example, ensuring natural resources are used optimally, and cost effectively in materials.

Thanks to its significant history of watchmaking and microtechnologies, the canton of Vaud offers many advantages with regards to reliable and ultra-precise product development. In addition, the presence of effective infrastructure, competitiveness, and flexible labor laws make it an ideal environment for the materials and metrology sectors.

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