Precision Engineering

To act big, first think small

The canton of Vaud has a long tradition of expertise in miniaturization and micro-mechanics, which is now being extended to around a dozen sectors of activity such as the manufacturing of industrial machinery and medical technologies. Research centers and businesses in Vaud also lead the way in robotics, aerospace, metrology, and drones. More traditional sectors such as watch manufacturing are not being left behind either. Timepieces made by Blancpain, Audemars Piguet, and Jaeger Lecoultre – all companies established in the canton – are today sold around the globe.

Swiss products enjoy a reputation for quality the world over, which means that "Swiss made" is a foundation on which activities and products with high added value can be developed, and many foreign businesses choose Switzerland and the canton of Vaud for this very reason.

The success of companies in the canton can be attributed in no small part to the presence of cutting-edge research institutes at the EPFL and the HEIG-VD. Partners willing to support businesses are positioning themselves specifically in this field, with a prime example being the Technopôle de Sainte-Croix, which is the national center of excellence in micro-soldering.

The canton of Vaud is investing heavily in highly innovative fields such as additive manufacturing, 3D printing, and industrial design, with the latter being a rapidly growing pole of innovation.

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Our success stories

Parker Hannifin

For over a century, Parker Hannifin has contributed to technological advances that create a better world. With its Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) headquarters in the Canton of Vaud, the US conglomerate offers solutions in a broad range of markets and industrial applications.


Swissto12 has firmly established its position as a promising startup<br />in the aerospace and satellite industry thanks to its innovative 3D<br />printing technology.


Plus sûrs, plus rapides et moins coûteux: les drones de la start-up<br />vaudoise Flyability ont conquis le marché de la vérification d’installations difficiles d’accès.

News and events


mAm 2021

Following in the success of the editions of an entire decade, The Micronarc Alpine Meeting will continue its focus on equipment and innovative processes and technologies for manufacturing microproducts. This 2 day conference is a proven venue for stimulating quality networking and discussions in the casual atmosphere of Villars. A selection of invited speakers and presentations will comprise the program.

Eurotel Victoria, Villars


Akselos: the revolution of digital simulators

Reducing computer calculations usually requiring several months to a few hours is the goal of the Swiss scale-up company Akselos, which develops software dedicated to the maintenance of technical infrastructures (article in French).


7 new companies join the Scale Up Vaud program

Seven companies, Akselos, bNovate Technologies, Inait, Iprova, Predictive Layer, SwissBorg and Visium join the Scale Up Vaud program in 2021. In total, 34 Vaud-based firms are part of the label, today.



YouHodler, a FinTech company that chose Switzerland and Vaud to settle its HQ

YouHodler is a cryptocurrency lending platform that wants to build bridges between blockchain and traditional finance.


A new standard of care for robotic surgery

Swiss and Vaud based medical device company Distalmotion establishes a new global standard of care ensuring every patient can access the benefits of robotic surgery thanks to its surgical robot Dexter.



Tech4Eva Opening Ceremony

Discover disruptive technologies for women’s health and meet 25+ selected FemTech start-ups and projects at the launch of the Tech4Eva - the 1st FemTech accelerator in Switzerland. It is also a unique opportunity to get to know leading FemTech hubs in Asia, Europe, USA and UK and hear the experiences of established FemTech CEOs.



Salon des Technologies et l'Innovation de Lausanne

The 8th edition of the show will be held entirely online on April 22. STIL is an annual showcase for innovation leaders. It offers exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their projects and research, meet potential investors, expand their network and reach a large audience.



AMLD Event Series : AI & Sustainable Energy

Learn more about AI methods and resources used for analyzing food and nutrition data with regard to ​personalized nutrition and medicine​,as well as AI analysis for ​food safety and traceability​.


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