Innovate in the canton of Vaud

Innovaud is your gateway to lead your innovation projects in the canton of Vaud. Since 2013, our agency supports startups, scale-ups, SMEs and larger companies based in our region.

Innovaud focuses on technological and innovative projects as well as new business models in several innovation domains. Our services include financing, support, promotion, hosting and networking.


We help you activate the necessary financial support to get your innovative project started. We give you advice for your financing strategy and facilitate meetings with Business Angels, venture capital funds and other sources of investment.


We give you access to different networks of certified coaches (Innosuisse, Platinn, Alliance TT) who can intervene at no cost to your company, in the following areas: business model, partnerships, organization and financing.


We highlight innovation projects, businesses and the successes of Vaud entrepreneurs through various communication channels.


We help you find the ideal location for your activities in our region's incubators and technology parks.


We put you in touch with the right partners to accelerate your innovation projects. We give you access to a vast network within the innovation ecosystem of our region.

Eligibility criteria

Is my project innovative?

Innovaud supports innovation projects that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Creation of new products including technological innovation (ideally with intellectual property and patents) and responding to market needs. Here, the innovation brings a competitive advantage to the company

  • Improvement of a product thanks to new materials or a new process

  • Establishment of a completely innovative commercial outlet

  • The technology must be mastered internally by a development team or a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), for example

  • Strong job creation and export potential

  • A strong partnership with a research institute or a university is an asset

  • Radical improvement of the business model, via an innovative technological product

  • Optimization of the production or distribution system, so that it brings a concrete modification of the business model or the field of activity