Traditional expertise meets cutting-edge innovation

With a proud tradition of innovation, industry in Vaud is turning towards 4.0. Many businesses are developing digital solutions to make their productivity more competitive and to continue to create significant added value in the canton.

Swiss manufacturers of watches, machinery, tools, and medical products are the ones who set the example. Their reputation for reliability extends far beyond the country’s borders, to such an extent that manufacturing in Switzerland has become a synonym for quality and precision the world over.

In addition to this, many initiatives flourish on a national level to ensure the competitiveness of Switzerland as a location by means of digitization and the automation of factories. These include Industrie 2025 and Digital Switzerland, which are adaptations of Industry 4.0 to take into account the specificities of the country.

Within Switzerland’s innovative industrial landscape, the canton of Vaud is at the forefront of many areas, ranging from watch manufacturing to mechanical engineering, via IT and precision industry. Innovation is fostered by the proximity and influence of prominent centers of research, such as the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), renowned the world over, and the School of Management and Engineering Vaud in Yverdon (HEIG-VD). Thanks to the contributions made by these institutions, the region has been able to specialize in sectors with significant added value, such as medical technologies, cybersecurity, and precision instrumentation.

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