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Having played host to the creation of the World Wide Web back in 1989, Switzerland can truly say that it has been dynamic in the digital domain for a number of decades. The country certainly did not wait for the 4.0 revolution to lay a solid foundation in this field.

The state of Vaud has played a pioneering role in this respect, hosting the establishment of Elca Informatique in 1968, Logitech in 1981, and then large-scale data centers at the turn of the millennium. Vaud is something of a digital safe and provides an ideal framework to carry out secure digital activities, as illustrated by Safe Host and Brainserve which are both based in the canton.

In terms of the development of technology, start-ups and multinationals alike can count on the canton of Vaud’s expertise in terms of research laboratories and world-renowned institutions of further education. A number of the latter, namely the EPFL, the HEIG-VD, and the UNIL, bring together significant forces in the ITC sector. The EPFL alone has two centers dedicated to data science – the Swiss Data Science Center and EcoCloud –not forgetting the brand new Center for Digital Trust, which is the first institution of its kind in cybersecurity.

Digital companies in Vaud develop products and services in extremely diverse domains, ranging from cybersecurity, fintech, digital health, smart factories and cities, to wearable technology and e-tourism.

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Née dans les laboratoires de l’EPFL, Artmyn séduit aujourd’hui musées, maisons de ventes aux enchères et collectionneurs dans le monde entier. Sa technologie inédite permet de numériser des oeuvres d’art en très haute résolution.

Parker Hannifin

For over a century, Parker Hannifin has contributed to technological advances that create a better world. With its Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) headquarters in the Canton of Vaud, the US conglomerate offers solutions in a broad range of markets and industrial applications.

Objectis: facilitate and support the digitization of companies

"Specialized in industrial IT and passionate about new technologies": these are the first words of Christopher Bouzas, co-founder and CEO of Objectis, a company based in Yverdon-les-Bains. Founded in 2011 by four co-founders, the SME now has more than 35 employees. In 2018, Objectis achieved a growth of over 30%. Interview (in French).

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Globaltech & Building Trust in Healthcare

The place to be for a unique Day full of Techs and Inspiration.

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Pour une jeune entreprise, la croissance reste le défi ultime

"A startup is a temporary organisation designed to seek a repeatable and scalable business model." The definition comes from Steve Blank, the great Californian expert on startups. And the transition from temporary organisation to permanent structure is undoubtedly the most difficult stage in an already perilous process. After creating a company, you have to confront your ideas with the harsh realities of the market and with that anglicism that has become the Holy Grail: scaleability. (Article in French)


"Swiss startups need to internationalize and get global quickly"

Venturelab designs and operates flagship startup programs in Switzerland such as Venture Kick, Venture Leaders or the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award, to support the best entrepreneurial talents. Venturelab interviewed our CEO Patrick Barbey about the Swiss startup scene and Innovaud's support to innovative companies. In the past ten years, our agency has witnessed the creation of many of the Swiss startups and scale-ups, that are in the spotlight today.