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“The learning is real and from real experiences”

Franck-Eric Flegbo is the CEO of the Vaud-based startup Drinkotec. He participated in the 2022 edition of the LeadiNNg to Scale Up program and learned how to scale his company with best-in-class IMD professors. The applications for the 2023 edition of the program are open until 5 October. Franck-Eric gave us his feedback on what benefits the course brought him and his team, and how it impacted his company growth.


Pour une jeune entreprise, la croissance reste le défi ultime

"A startup is a temporary organisation designed to seek a repeatable and scalable business model." The definition comes from Steve Blank, the great Californian expert on startups. And the transition from temporary organisation to permanent structure is undoubtedly the most difficult stage in an already perilous process. After creating a company, you have to confront your ideas with the harsh realities of the market and with that anglicism that has become the Holy Grail: scaleability. (Article in French)