23 Vaud startups in the TOP 100 2021

The TOP 100 Swiss startups were unveiled on 8 September in Schlieren (ZH). Some 23 of these young companies come from the canton of Vaud, and 10 of them are newcomers to the ranking this year. CREAL and AgroSustain enter the TOP 10. The canton of Vaud has confirmed its attractiveness to young, promising technology companies with the potential of becoming Vaud's next scale-ups that successfully make it to the stock market, such as SOPHiA GENETICS and Astrocast.

The canton of Vaud confirms its status as a highly attractive technology hub for startups

Over the last decade, the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award has emerged as a benchmark in the Swiss startup ecosystem. The 470 companies that have successively made it into the ranking have so far created 11,500 highly qualified jobs and brought hundreds of disruptive technologies to the global market.

"The success of Vaud's startups in the TOP 100 results from an innovation ecosystem among the best ones in Europe, where talented deeptech innovators find the ideal environment to grow and succeed, as demonstrated by the 34 Vaud scale-ups including SOPHiA GENETICS and Astrocast", explains Patrick Barbey, Director of Innovaud.

Vaud startups ranked in the TOP 100 2021

4. CREAL (Engineering)

8. AgroSustain (Foodtech)

12. Volumina Medical (Medtech)

14. HAYA Therapeutics (Biotech)

22. Miraex (Engineering)

29. Neural Concept (ICT)

35. flowbone (Medtech)

36. Annaida Technologies (Biotech)

45. Artiria Medical (Medtech)

59. Daphne Technology (Cleantech)

61. Plastogaz (Cleantech)

66. TWIICE (Medtech)

70. ClearSpace (Aerospace, Cleantech)

73. CYSEC (Cybersecurity)

78. Flybotix (Robotics)

80. SwissDeCode (Foodtech)

81. Embion Technologies (Foodtech)

82. INERGIO Technologies (Engineering)

84. EarlySight (Medtech)

85. CompPair Technologies (Engineering)


91. AVAtronics (Engineering)

94. Limula (Biotech)

The TOP 100, a national panorama of talent, regions and technologies

The TOP 100 shows that Switzerland is a breeding ground for startups. The ranking is also a tool that each year reveals the next generation of Swiss startups. This year, 10 new Vaud-based startups made it into the TOP 100: Flowbone, Plastogaz, TWIICE, ClearSpace, Embion Technologies, INERGIO, EarlySight, ComPair, ALAYA and Limula.

3 Vaud companies selected in the 2021 public vote

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