Innovaud: new and improved

Following our merger with DEV, we doubled down to come up with a new brand identity that better fits Innovaud’s new positioning. Discover our new logo with three key words.

We commissioned branding agency Creatives to design a new logo and tagline – which they did during the lockdown – and their ideas have gotten kudos from our staff, our board and our partner organizations worldwide. 

Our new logo can be summed up in three key words:



A lot of people outside Switzerland have heard of Lake Geneva, but few are familiar with Vaud. We therefore drew on Switzerland’s hallmark red and white colors to position Vaud as an innovation hub “made in Switzerland.” And we included the VAUD+ brand to set our canton apart, leverage synergies and boost our visibility.

NN, as in innovation:

The double N in the logo calls forth several images: the roof of a factory, the ups and downs of business growth, the curve of the business cycle, the shape of a spring, or even a heartbeat. Here we wanted to evoke the energy that drives innovation, breathing new life into the canton and fueling a creative, dynamic spirit.

The NN will later be adapted in various formats for digital marketing materials. It will also be used as an acronym to represent Innovaud on materials issued jointly with other economic development agencies under the Vaud umbrella brand (such as for jointly sponsored events).


Do you speak Innovaud? The NN, when used in our new tagline – “The perfect setting to iNNvest/iNNovate/iNNvent/expaNNd…” – creates a new language. It suggests the stability and reliability that Switzerland is known for, along with the out-of-the-box thinking that underpins innovation.

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"Innovaud is also reinventing itself in terms of image to show the transformation of its activities and profession. In the years to come, we will have the mission of presenting the canton of Vaud as an innovative technological hub on a global scale as well as the perfect setting to invest, innovate and live."

(Rémi Walbaum, Chairman of the Innovaud Board)

“What we aim for in branding is simplicity. To create Innovaud’s new logo, we were given a complicated brief for a single design that would unify the different organizations involved and work seamlessly for a multitude of uses. The NN infuses the logo with dynamism, a link between innovation and an ideal place to live” – Gilles Dumont, Creatives