“One of our Lookmove investors was introduced via LeadiNNg to Scale Up”

Maxime Danibert is the CEO of the Vaud-based startup Lookmove. He participated in the 2022 edition of the LeadiNNg to Scale Up program and learned how to scale his company with best-in-class IMD professors. Now the applications for the 2023 edition of the program are open. At the graduation ceremony in May 2022, Maxime gave us his feedback on what benefits the course brought him and his team, and how it impacted his company growth.

Maxime, you participated in the first edition of the LeadiNNg to Scale Up program by Innovaud and IMD, to help startups to scale. Was it the right program and timing for you?

The Innovaud and IMD LeadiNNg to Scale Up course was tailor-made for companies like Lookmove, with the perfect timing to help us grow from a startup to a scale-up phase and expand internationally in the best possible conditions.

Tell us a little bit about the other participants in your class

The six-month program brought together a very diversified group of soon-to-be scale-up founders, all based in Vaud and active in many different markets and sectors. Out of 14 participating companies, only two were active in the PropTech sector: Tayo and Lookmove. Otherwise, there were companies in food & beverage, cybersecurity, ICT, etc.

What did the course bring collectively?

Even if different, we quickly noticed that we all have similar issues to solve, whatever the industry we're in. Over six months, we covered multiple crucial aspects. We had fantastic professors and experienced founders as speakers, all selected by Jim Pulcrano (Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management at IMD). They all were always available even outside hours and ready to help on any topic. We also have the chance to meet some IMD alumni and receive valuable introductions to decision-makers.

You can really feel the professors and the team's genuine motivation in supporting us, sharing knowledge, resources, and making introductions to potential investors. One of our Lookmove investors was introduced via IMD.

How did Innovaud (the co-organizer of LeadiNNg to Scale Up) help you in particular?

The Innovaud team was super proactive and responsive, and the organization for this first edition was flawless. Outside of IMD, we were invited to the monthly drinks of the Scale Up Vaud community (the “apéros”). This was a great way to increase our network, create bonds with classmates and promote our venture to local professionals while sharing food and drinks in a friendly atmosphere.

I strongly recommend startups based in Vaud and elsewhere to apply for the next session of LeadiNNg to Scale Up in 2023. The program will benefit your venture without any doubt. You will expand your knowledge, build network, reach additional investors, and make new friends. 

Maxime Danibert is the CEO of the Vaud-based startup Lookmove